BEIJING, -- China's Communist Party, reviving Cold War accusations of "dollar imperialists," blasted Washington for hypocrisy on human rights yesterday after talks with a senior U.S. official, who urged amnesty for political prisoners.

A hard-line commentary in the party newspaper People's Daily contrasted sharply with what U.S. officials said were positive signs shown by China in meetings last week with Richard Schifter, assistant secretary of state for human rights.

The People's Daily condemned what it called U.S. "guardians of human rights" for their hypocrisy and attempted subversion.

"Everyone can see clearly that 'human rights' clamored for by these guardians have been used to oppress the masses, interfere in others and protect the hegemony of rule by the bourgeoisie and dollar imperialists," the commentary said.

During his visit, Schifter presented Chinese authorities with a list of 150 political prisoners and called for the release of all dissidents not guilty of acts of violence.

The commentary did not mention Schifter by name but attacked "gentlemen making a living out of human rights" who lectured other countries on their internal affairs.

U.S. Ambassador to China James Lilley had said there had been a "sea change" in China's attitude.