TIRANA, ALBANIA, DEC. 25 -- Albania's Communist leadership turned down a request from the country's first opposition party to postpone a general election scheduled for Feb. 10, Tirana radio reported today.

The new Albanian Democratic Party appealed last week for a postponement of two to three months to give it time to organize.

The state-run radio said that the Presidium of the People's Assembly had decided there was "no objective reason" to postpone the vote. The secretary of the Presidium, Sihat Tozaj, was quoted in the broadcast as saying that the 40 days remaining until the scheduled date of the vote was long enough for parties to choose and present candidates.

Since no party had yet launched its election campaign, Tozai said, all were starting from the same base.

The Albanian Democratic Party has complained, however, that it is denied access to the Communist-controlled media. The party was formed earlier this month, one day after President Ramiz Alia announced he would allow formation of independent parties.

Meanwhile today, the Rev. Simon Jubani, Albania's leading Catholic activist, said he and other Christians -- whose religion was outlawed under the Stalinist and atheist system created by former leader Enver Hoxha -- would set up a second opposition group, the Christian Democratic Party.