The name of Francisco Peccorini, a professor at the National University in San Salvador, was omitted from a Jan. 4 list of Americans killed in El Salvador. The list was compiled by the Associated Press, which was unaware that he held U.S. and Salvadoran citizenship. (Published 1/17/91)

Dec. 2, 1980: Three Roman Catholic nuns and a lay worker were shot and killed as they left the international airport. Five former National Guard troops were convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison for the slayings.

Dec. 28, 1980: John J. Sullivan, a freelance journalist from Bogota, N.J., vanished from his hotel room in San Salvador. Remains identified as his were found buried along a rural road two years later.

Jan. 3, 1981: Two U.S. labor advisers were killed in a coffee shop at a hotel in the capital. Two National Guard corporals confessed to the killings but later were pardoned.

Oct. 13, 1982: Michael Kline, 21, of San Diego was taken from a bus and shot by soldiers in northeastern Morazan province.

May 25, 1983: U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Albert A. Schaufelberger III, was shot to death as he waited in his car for a friend at Central American University outside San Salvador. Schaufelberger was deputy commander of the U.S. military advisers in El Salvador. A guerrilla eventually confessed to the killing.

Jan. 27, 1984: Linda Cancel was killed when armed men, apparently guerrillas, attacked the converted school bus in which she and her family were leaving El Salvador for Costa Rica.

March 17, 1984: Newsweek photographer John Hoagland was killed when caught in a battle between rebels and government troops near Suchitoto.

Oct. 19, 1984: Four civilian employees of the CIA were killed when their unarmed plane crashed into a peak near the capital while returning from a surveillance mission over rebel territory.

June 19, 1985: Six Americans, including four U.S. Marines assigned to embassy security, were killed when rebels opened fire at an outdoor restaurant in the capital's fashionable "Pink Zone." Three rebels were captured and charged in the killings.

Feb. 15, 1986: Peter Stryker Hascall, a New York native who had lived in El Salvador for five years, was shot to death outside his home.

July 1987: Six U.S. military advisers died in a helicopter crash in bad weather near San Salvador.

September 1987: U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Gregory Fronius was killed in a rebel attack on the Salvadoran army barracks at El Paraiso in which 43 government troops also died.

Wednesday: A helicopter carrying three U.S. servicemen was downed by gunfire near Lolotique. The three servicemen were killed.

SOURCE: Associated Press