As U.S. and Iraqi officials gathered for a key meeting in Geneva today, and the Jan. 15 United Nations deadline for an Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait drew near, concerns over security, terrorism and the fear of war were increasing in this country, in Europe, in Israel and among diplomats in Baghdad.

Foreigners are jamming Israeli airports trying to leave the country as Israelis brace for a climax of the gulf crisis that many feel could plunge them into both a war with Iraq and an intensified fight closer to home with Palestinians in the occupied territories.Page A14

The FBI, in a controversial attempt to gather information about possible terrorist activity in the U.S., began seeking interviews with more than 200 Arab-American business and community leaders.Page A14

U.S. military and diplomatic installations in Germany are strengthening security measures, as is German government, following Iraqi threats that a Persian Gulf war could precipitate a worldwide wave of terrorism.Page A14

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Les Aspin issued a report on how a gulf war would be fought.Page A15

Western diplomats in Iraqi capital are making preparations to close their embassies and withdraw personnel from Baghdad in case their governments order an evacuation.Page A15

Saudi Arabia is ready to support a military campaign against Iraq that, along with freeing Kuwait, would seek to destroy Baghdad's chemical weapons facilities and nuclear program.Page A16