President Bush yesterday presented this year's Distinguished Presidential Rank Awards to 66 members of the Senior Executive Service. The recipients are:

Agency for International Development

Bradshaw Langmaid Jr., deputy administrator, Bureau for Science and Technology

Agriculture Department

John P. Kratzke, associate director, Office of Information Resource Management

Commerce Department

Daniel L. Albritton, director, Aeronomy Laboratory, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Maureen R. Smith, deputy assistant secretary for Japan, International Trade Administration

Franklin J. Vargo, deputy assistant secretary for Europe, International Trade Administration

Defense Department

Glenn A. Rudd, deputy director, Defense Security Assistance Agency

Eleanor R. Spector, deputy assistant secretary for procurement

Glenwood M. Stevener, director for Joint Data Systems Support Center, Defense Communications Agency

Air Force

Robert R. Barthelemy, program director, National Aero-Space Plane Joint Program Office

Darleen A. Druyun, principal assistant to the deputy chief of staff for contracting


Joseph P. Cribbins, special assistant to the deputy chief of staff for logistics and chief, Aviation Logistics Office

Feliciano Giordano, program executive officer, Strategic Information Systems

Milton H. Hamilton, administrative assistant to the secretary of the Army

Henry B. Jones, director of procurement and production, Army Tank-Automotive Command

Herbert H. Kennon, chief of the engineering division, Directorate of Military Programs, Army Corps of Engineers

Jack E. Kiper, director of programs and project management, Army Corps of Engineers, Ohio River Division

Richard Vitali, director of corporate laboratories, U.S. Army Laboratory Command


Oliver R. Ashe, assistant for administration, Office of the Undersecretary

Thomas G. Giallorenzi, director of the optical sciences division, Naval Research Laboratory

Robert A. Hallex, technical director, program appraisal and analysis, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

Paul Alfred Harner, assistant commander for fleet support and field activity management, Naval Air Systems Command

Dorothy M. Meletzke, deputy assistant secretary of the Navy, civilian personnel policy/equal employment opportunity

James G. Renfro, chief engineer, Missile Branch, Strategic Systems Programs

William Joseph Schaefer Jr., deputy assistant secretary of the Navy (air)

Gerald R. Schiefer, deputy commander, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, and director of naval laboratories

Robert S. Winokur, technical director, Office of the Oceanographer

Education Department

Alan L. Ginsburg, director for planning and evaluation service

Energy Department

Carl H. Schmitt, deputy director for naval reactors

Environmental Protection Agency

Eileen B. Claussen, director, Office of Atmospheric and Indoor Air Programs, Office of Air and Radiation

Frank M. Covington, director, National En- forcement Investigations Center, Office of Enforcement

Executive Office of the President

Robert E. Howard, associate director for national security and international affairs, Office of Management and Budget

James C. Murr, associate director for legislative reference, Office of Management and Budget

Federal Emergency Management Agency

William C. Tidball, chief of staff

General Services Administration

Robert J. DiLuchio, assistant commissioner for real property development

Health and Human Services Department

William H. Aspden Jr., deputy director for Bureau of Health Care Delivery and Assistance

Igor B. Dawid, chief of laboratory of molecular genetics

Renato A. DiPentima, associate commissioner for systems design and development, Social Security Administration

George R. Holland, regional administrator, Health Care Financing Administration

Carl Kupfer, director, National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health

Clay E. Simpson Jr., director, Division of Disadvantaged Assistance

Interior Department

Robert F. Fagin, deputy director, administration and finance, Office of Surface Mining

Charles E. Kay, principal deputy assistant secretary, policy, budget and administration

Justice Department

Ernest J. Brown, senior trial attorney, Tax Division

William C. Bryson, deputy solicitor general, Office of Solicitor General

James S. Reynolds, principal deputy chief, general litigation and legal advice section, Criminal Division

Labor Department

Alan C. McMillan, deputy assistant secretary, Occupational Safety and Health Administration

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Arnold D. Aldrich, associate administrator for aeronautics, exploration and technology

Roy V. Harris Jr., director for aeronautics

John M. Klineberg, director, Goddard Space Flight Center

Richard H. Kohrs, director, Space Station Freedom

Joseph B. Mahon, deputy associate administrator for space flight

Franklin D. Martin, assistant administrator for exploration

James R. Thompson Jr., deputy administrator

National Transportation Safety Board

Herbert W.R. Banks, deputy managing director

Office of Personnel Management

Joseph S. Patti, regional director, San Francisco Region

Office of Special Counsel

Erin McDonnell, deputy special counsel

Securities and Exchange Commission

Paul Gonson, solicitor

State Department

Ronald J. Bettauer, assistant legal adviser for international claims and investment disputes

Michael G. Kozak, deputy assistant secretary for inter-American affairs

Transportation Department

Richard R. John, director, Transportation Systems Center, Research and Special Programs Administration

Robert E. Whittington, executive director for administration and resource management, Federal Aviation Administration

Treasury Department

R. Richard Newcomb, director for foreign assets control

Charles F. Rinkevich, director, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Raymond A. Shaddick, deputy assistant director, U.S. Secret Service

U.S. Information Agency

Michael D. Schneider, deputy associate director for programs

Veterans Affairs Department

Donald B. Thompson, special assistant to the chief medical director

Separate "Distinquished Presidential Awards" were given to three other individuals:

Drug Enforcement Administration

Stephen H. Greene, assistant administrator for operations

Federal Bureau of Investigation

William M. Baker, assistant director, Criminal Investigative Division

W. Douglas Gow, assistant director, Intelligence Division