CAIRO -- Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, in an emotional appeal to Saddam Hussein, called on the Iraqi leader in a televised address to "abandon selfishness" and save the region from a devastating war by agreeing within hours to withdraw his troops from Kuwait.

"I call upon him in the name of every mother, father and child in Egypt to rid himself of selfishness and make his soul pure for God by saying the word of peace," Mubarak said. "I call upon him in the name of every Iraqi family in the land of sisterly Iraq who had a martyr in the war with Iran."

In anticipation of possible war in the gulf, Egypt tightened security at its borders and along the Suez Canal, and thousands of Egyptians stocked up on rice, sugar and other food staples. There are fears here that Egypt could be open to terrorist attacks from Iraqi supporters because of its participation in the U.S.-led multinational force, but Prime Minister Atef Sedki estimated the chances of Egypt being attacked to be minimal.

Sedki said at a special cabinet meeting that there is adequate food to last for months and little chance supplies will be cut off. Still, many Egyptians, fearing a flood of refugees into the country will make some items scarce, have been loading up on sugar, pasta and canned goods.