Excerpts from "Guidelines for News Media," issued by the Pentagon Monday:

"Because of host-nation requirements, you must stay with your public affairs escort while on Saudi bases. At other U.S. tactical or field locations and encampments, a public affairs escort may be required because of security, safety and mission requirements as determined by the host commander."

"Reporters are strongly discouraged from attempting to link up on their own with combat units. U.S. commanders will maintain extremely tight security throughout the operational area and will exclude from the area of operation all unauthorized individuals."

"In the event of hostilities, pool products will be subject to review before release to determine if they contain sensitive information . . . that would jeopardize the outcome of an operation or the safety of U.S. or coalition forces. Material will be examined solely for its conformance to the attached ground rules, not for its potential to express criticism or cause embarrassment. The public affairs escort officer on scene will review pool reports, discuss ground rule problems with the reporter and in the limited circumstances when no agreement can be reached with a reporter about disputed materials, immediately send the disputed materials to JIB {Joint Information Bureau in} Dhahran for review by the JIB Director and the appropriate news media representative. If no agreement can be reached, the issue will be immediately forwarded to OASD(PA) {Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs} for review with the appropriate bureau chief. The ultimate decision on publication will be made by the originating reporter's news organization."