A massive attack on Iraq's air defenses, Frog and Scud missile sites, and command centers.

The objective: Eliminate missiles threatening Israel and multinational forces. Destroy bunkers from which Saddam's field officers -- and perhaps Saddam himself -- issue orders. Win control of the skies so that allied air forces can operate with relative impunity.


An offensive against rail lines, roads, ammunition and fuel depots, and other logistical targets.

The objective: Isolate Saddam's forces in Kuwait and hamper resupply efforts. STAGE 3

A concentrated attack on Iraq's ground forces, including elite Republican Guard units in southern Iraq and Kuwait.

The objective: Weaken opposition to U.S. ground forces as much as possible. STAGE 4

A ground attack by the U.S.-led multinational force.

The objective: Eject Iraqi forces from Kuwait. KEY WEAPONS IN THE ARSENAL

Tomahawk: Rocket-launched, jet-propelled missile is fired from U.S. ships or submarines and guided to target by on-board computer.

AWACS: Airborne warning and control system aircraft provide surveillance over a wide area. The "dome" on top of the planes contains radar equipment.

B-52: Large, long-range bomber can carpet-bomb targets or launch cruise missiles from great distances.

F-117A fighter: Advanced, single-seat fighter uses "stealth" technology to remain nearly invisible to enemy radar. Key weapon for Stage 1.

F-15: Among the Pentagon's most sophisticated combat aircraft, F-15s can be used as either fighter-interceptors (in dogfights) or as fighter-bombers.

F-16: Fast, maneuverable air-combat fighter.

F-111: Long-range bomber was used in April 1986 attack on Libya.

F-4G Wild Weasel: Fighter packed with electronic equipment can destroy or suppress enemy radar systems.

Harrier AV-8B: Single-seat attack aircraft flown by Marines can take off vertically.

AH-64 Apache: Advanced attack helicopter used against enemy tanks.

A-6E Intruder: Carrier-based attack bomber can be used for air support and missions deep inside enemy territory.

A-10 Thunderbolt: Slow, low-flying attck aircraft is used primarily to destroy tanks.

Drawing of aircraft not to scale.