Idaho Springs, Colo., officials say they are "99 percent sure" a high school senior was attacked and killed by a mountain lion. An Alpine Rescue team found the body of Scott Dale Lancaster, an 18-year-old cross-country runner, about a mile from his high school and sighted a mountain lion about 100 feet away. The cat was tracked down and killed.

Dow Chemical Co. will remove a carcinogen, perchloroethylene, from its K2r Spotlifter and give $50,000 to the Environmental Defense Fund and the Sierra Club, which alleged in a legal action that Dow violated Proposition 65, an anti-toxic initiative passed by California voters in 1986.

The Navy has canceled plans to use dolphins as underwater guards at its Trident submarine base at Bangor, Wash., citing budget cuts and changes in global politics. Animal-rights activist, who had opposed using the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins at the base near Seattle, claimed victory, but the Navy said the action was caused by budget cuts.

Micronesia, which was hit by Typhoon Russ in December, was declared a major disaster area by President Bush, making parts of the U.S. trust territory in the Pacific available for federal aid to help it recover from the typhoon damage.

A fire destroyed a downtown block of stores and offices in Paterson, N.J., and jumped to a second block as scores of firefighters battled the flames. One firefighter was missing and presumed dead. Destroyed buildings were valued at an estimated $13 million to $14 million, officials said.

High levels of explosive methane gas forced rescue workers to suspend a search for two coal miners believed killed in an explosion deep inside the Firecreek No. 1 mine in McDowell County, in southern West Virginia, officials said. The miners were reported missing after five other miners smelled smoke and left the mine Wednesday morning.