OCALA, FLA. -- Property belonging to seven men found slain along rural roadways was found in a storage unit rented by a woman police described yesterday as "a killer who robs -- not a robber who kills."

Aileen Carol Wuornos, 34, was charged with murder in one of the killings, with more charges expected from the counties where the other victims were found, Marion County sheriff's Capt. Steve Binegar said.

Investigators hope to solve more cases in several states as a result of Wuornos's arrest, Binegar said. He would not identify the states involved.

"We want to clear up as many homicides as possible. . . . We believe she pretty much meets the guidelines of a serial killer," he said.

Wuornos, a former convict and prostitute, was arrested in a bar near Daytona Beach last week and was charged with murder Wednesday. She made her first court appearance yesterday and was being held without bond in Daytona Beach.

Two women had been sought since November, when composite drawings were distributed and police publicly called for help in solving the series of mysterious murders.

Wuornos's companion, Tyria J. Moore, 28, implicated Wuornos as the sole killer and is expected to be the chief prosecution witness, officials said.

The middle-aged victims' bodies were usually found along rural roadways, some stripped nude, in different areas of the state. They were robbed of their possessions, and their cars were later found abandoned elsewhere.

Authorities believed some of the men were killed after picking up, or stopping to help, their assailant on the highway. A common clue was condom packages left behind in several of the cars, police said.