MANILA, JAN. 19 -- An Iraqi man was killed and another was wounded today when a powerful bomb they were apparently trying to plant at U.S. offices here exploded prematurely, police said.

The explosion followed calls by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein for attacks on members of the U.S.-led anti-Iraq coalition around the world. There are an estimated 140,000 Americans in the Philippines, and the country hosts the largest U.S. overseas military bases.

"The bomb was so powerful {that} one half of the body of one of the Iraqis was found on the rooftop of a nearby house," Metropolitan Manila Gov. Jejomar Binay said.

He said the blast victims were both Iraqis and the man who died had been under police surveillance since he arrived in the Philippines several weeks ago.

{The injured man was taken to the Makati Medical Center and was identified by police as Abdul-Sattar Hisham, an Iraqi studying at the University of Manila, the Associated Press reported. An Iraqi passport issued to Ahmed J. Ahmed, listed as a businessman, was found near the scene, according to police chief Lt. Col. Remy Macaspac.}

Binay said the bomb contained 200 pounds of explosive and was probably aimed at a building housing the Thomas Jefferson Library and other American offices, less than 100 yards from where it exploded.

The building in Manila's Makati financial district is located across the street from an exclusive residential area where many foreign diplomats and businessmen live.

Police said the bomb wrecked a car and blasted a crater in the side of a road. It also broke glass panels on two buildings.

"They were setting the bomb when it suddenly blew up, probably because they touched the wrong device," a police investigator said.

Since the gulf war broke out early Thursday, the Philippine security forces have been on alert against terrorist attacks on U.S. nationals and the citizens of other countries in the anti-Iraq coalition.