U.S. military personnel listed as missing in action in the Persian Gulf War:

Marine Corps Lt. Col. Clifford M. Acree, 39, Oceanside, Calif.

Navy Lt. William T. Costen, 27, St. Louis.

Air Force Col. David W. Eberly, 43, Goldsboro, N.C.

Air Force Maj. Thomas E. Griffith, 34.

Air Force Maj. Donnie R. Holland, 42, Bastrop, La.

Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer Guy L. Hunter, 46, Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Air Force Maj. Thomas F. Koritz, 37, Rochelle, Ill.

Air Force Capt. Harry M. Roberts, 30.

Navy Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher, 33, Jacksonville, Fla.

Air Force Maj. Jeffrey Scott Tice, 35.

Navy Lt. Charles J. Turner, 29, of Richfield, Minn.

Navy Lt. Robert Wetzel, 30, Virginia Beach, Va.

Navy Lt. Jeffrey N. Zaun, 28, Cherry Hill, N.J. Hotlines Provide Casualty Information

The Defense Department has established 24-hour telephone numbers for relatives and friends of service members to obtain general information concerning casualties in the Persian Gulf War.

For general information:

Army 1-800-626-1440.

Air Force 1-800-253-9276.

Navy 1-800-732-1206.

Immediate family members only:

Navy 1-800-255-3808.

Marine Corps 1-800-523-2694.

Coast Guard 1-800-367-8724.