UNITED NATIONS -- Unconfirmed reports indicate that hundreds of thousands of refugees may be preparing to flee Iraq, according to the United Nations Disaster Relief Office (UNDRO).

As a result, UNDRO and other U.N. and international humanitarian organizations have agreed on a plan to accommodate 400,000 refugees in camps in Iran, Jordan, Syria and Turkey.

Citing Turkish press reports, UNDRO said 200,000 Iraqis are reported to be waiting at the Iraqi border to cross into Turkey, although so far no crossings have been confirmed. The UNDRO statement added that unconfirmed reports in Iran indicate that 80,000 people are moving toward the Turkish border.

A spokesman for the Iranian U.N. mission said that so far only 1,000 refugees had been confirmed. He said they included Iraqis and other foreign nationals.

"It's very difficult to know what's going on on the other side {of the border} because people are just waiting now for a better time to cross," said Phillipe Boulle, the director of UNDRO in New York.

Boulle said $175 million has been requested to set up refugee camps in Iran, Jordan, Syria and Turkey. So far, $56 million has been pledged, including $38 million by Japan and $3 million by the United States. If paid promptly, the pledged amounts would cover minimum basic costs, he said.