Kempton B. Jenkins, a 30-year career Foreign Service officer, served as deputy assistant secretary of commerce for East-West trade from 1978 to 1980. He is senior vice president of APCO Associates.

The president's budget proposal for national security objectives is an accurate reflection of the president's priorities with which few would argue. . . .

{But} one may question the continued support for Radio Free Europe after the liberation of the East European satellites on the one hand and the minimal growth in the Voice of America and other U.S. Information Agency programs on the other hand. In a world where American credibility is now facing a mosaic of hostile forces rather than a singular overriding challenge from Moscow, USIA should be sharply expanding its traditional programs.

The U.S. security position in the world is dependent on our competitiveness in the global marketplace. We are consistently outgunned in the critical financing phase by our heavily subsidized European Community and Japanese adversaries. Isn't it time to revitalize the Export-Import Bank?

The State Department will cost the U.S. less than $2.5 billion -- as Gen. H. Norman Schwartzkopf would say, a mosquito on the elephant of the massive U.S. budget.