As U.S. military officials in Saudi Arabia try to assess the impact of around-the-clock bombing of Iraqi troops and supply lines, some conceded they know more details than they are willing to discuss publicly. Less reticent official Israeli sources said U.S. and allied forces have destroyed about 600 Iraqi tanks, 40,000 of an estimated 300,000 tons of Iraqi ammunition stocks, and much of one Republican Guard division.

Allied forces using airplanes, artillery and rockets have dropped 14 million leaflets into occupied Kuwait urging Iraqi soldiers to surrender and promising "Arab hospitality" if they do.

Secretary of State James A. Baker III told Congress that Iran should be included as "a major power" along with a war-devastated Iraq in any postwar regional security arrangement in the Persian Gulf. Baker praised Iran's behavior during the war but said current Iranian diplomatic initiatives have produced no promising ideas for ending the war.

Patches of oil from the huge Iraqi-caused spill in the Persian Gulf have washed ashore at Safaniya on Saudi Arabia's northeast coast, posing a possible risk there to a water desalination plant and a processing facility for the world's fourth-largest oil field.