AMMAN, JORDAN, FEB. 11 -- Iraqi President Saddam told a United Nations emissary last month, on the eve of the Persian Gulf War, that "to utter the word withdrawal {from Kuwait} while there is still a chance for war" would amount to an "enemy victory over us," according to a transcript published in a Jordanian newspaper.

Saddam's comments are said to have come during a Jan. 13 meeting with U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar, in which the U.N. official made a last-minute bid for peace before the Jan. 15 U.N. deadline for Saddam to withdraw his troops from Kuwait.

A transcript of the meeting was published last weekend in the newspaper Al Dustur, and sources here said it was probably leaked by Iraqi information officials who traveled through Amman last week. There was no way to immediately determine whether the transcript was authentic.

Saddam said the Iraqi people "know that if the fighting erupts, they will have to pay dear sacrifices not because their adversaries are more courageous . . . but because they have weapons more sophisticated than our weapons."

Saddam also stressed he would only consider a "full package," presumably one in which Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait was linked to resolution of the Palestinian problem. "Partial discussion of issues without comprehensive linkage among them will produce . . . a loser and a winner, and we do not believe that this serves the cause of peace."

"To utter the world 'withdrawal' while there is still a chance for war means that we would be creating the psychological conditions for enemy victory over us," he said.

In the session, Perez de Cuellar outlined a message he was carrying from President Bush:

"Another thing which President Bush has said and which I wrote down on a small paper, {was} that the United States will not attack Iraq or its armed forces if Iraq pulls out of Kuwait and if the situation is restored to the pre-Aug. 2 conditions and that the United States does not intend to keep its ground forces in the region . . . and will reduce economic sanctions imposed on Iraq."

Perez de Cuellar noted Bush's desire to tackle the Palestinian problem, and complimented the Iraqi leader for his achievements for that cause. "Even Mr. Bush, when I saw him . . . admitted the urgent need for tackling the crisis of Palestine," Perez de Cuellar was reported to have said.

The Iraqi president complained that the Bush offer only included withdrawal of U.S. ground forces, and "not air or naval forces."

Saddam also protested: "He is talking about the possibility of easing some of the economic measures, and did not talk about the economic measures, all of them." Perez de Cuellar responded by saying, "These were not my decisions, but the resolutions of the Security Council."