Following is the body of Iraq's statement, minus a lengthy preamble, on the withdrawal of troops from Kuwait. The translation was provided by the State Department, via the Foreign Broadcast Information Service.

. . . The Revolutionary Command Council has decided to declare the following:

First, Iraq's readiness to deal with Security Council Resolution Number 660 of 1990 with the aim of reaching an honorable and acceptable political solution, including withdrawal. The first step that is required to be implemented as a pledge by Iraq regarding withdrawal will be linked to the following:

A. A total and comprehensive cease-fire on land, air and sea.

B. For the Security Council to decide to abolish from the outset resolutions 661, 662, 664, 665, 666, 667, 669, 670, 674, 677 and 678 {the 11 other resolutions dealing with Iraq's invasion of Kuwait} and all the effects resulting from all of them, and to abolish all resolutions and measures of boycott and embargo, as well as the other negative resolutions and measures that were adopted by certain countries against Iraq unilaterally or collectively before 2 August 1990, which were the real reasons for the gulf crisis, so that things may return to normal as if nothing had happened. Iraq should not receive any negative effects for any reasons.

C. For the United States and the other countries participating in the aggression, and all the countries that sent their forces to the region to withdraw all the forces, weapons and equipment which they have brought to the Middle East region before and after 2 August 1990, whether in land, seas, oceans, or the gulfs, including the weapons and equipment that certain countries provided to Israel under the pretext of the crisis in the gulf, provided that these forces, weapons, and equipment are withdrawn during a period not exceeding one month from the date of cease-fire.

D. Israel must withdraw from Palestine and the Arab territories it is occupying in the Golan {Heights} and southern Lebanon in implementation of the U.N. Security Council and the U.N. General Assembly resolutions. In case Israel fails to do this, the U.N. Security Council should then enforce against Israel the same resolutions it passed against Iraq.

E. Iraq's historical rights on land and at sea should be guaranteed in full in any peaceful solution.

F. The political arrangement to be agreed upon should proceed from the people's will and in accordance with a genuine democratic practice and not on the basis of the rights acquired by the Al-Sabah family {which rules Kuwait}. Accordingly, the nationalist and Islamic forces should primarily participate in the political arrangement to be agreed upon.

Second, the countries that have participated in the aggression and in financing the aggression undertake to reconstruct what the aggression has destroyed in Iraq in accordance with the best specifications regarding all the enterprises and installations that were targeted by the aggression and at their expense. Iraq should not incur any financial expenses in this regard.

Third, all the debts of Iraq and countries of the region -- which were harmed by the aggression and which did not take part in the aggression, either directly or indirectly -- to the gulf countries and to the foreign countries that took part in the aggression should be written off.

Besides, relations between the rich nations and poor nations in the region and the world should be based on justice and fairness in such a way that puts the rich nations before clear commitments regarding the realization of development in poor nations, and thus removes their economic sufferings. This should be based on the saying that the poor have a share to claim in the wealth of the rich. Moreover, the duplicitous approach pursued in handling the issues of peoples and nations should be halted, whether this approach is being pursued by the United Nations Security Council or by this or that country.

Fourth, the gulf states, including Iran, should be given the task of freely drawing up security arrangements in the region and of organizing relations among them without any foreign interference.

Fifth, to declare the Arabian Gulf {Persian Gulf} region a zone free of foreign military bases and from any form of foreign military presence.

Everybody must undertake to observe this.

This is our argument, which we declare before the world, clear and shining against the traitors and their imperialist masters.

Our basic source of confidence, in addition to our reliance on the one and only God, will remain to be our great Iraqi people, our valiant and struggling armed forces, and those who believe in the path that we have chosen in fighting oppression and the oppressors.

Victory will certainly be realized against the oppressors in the coming days, as it had been certain in past times. God is with us. May the despicable be damned.