Prosecutors in Milwaukee yesterday continued their grim arithmetic and formally charged Jeffrey L. Dahmer with eight more murders, bringing to 12 the counts of first-degree homicide filed against the former chocolate factory worker.

Dahmer, who police say has admitted killing 17 men, appeared at the 10-minute court proceeding wearing an orange jumpsuit issued in jail. The blond-haired Dahmer, 31, answered the judge's questions with curt replies of "Yes, sir." Families of several victims were in the courtroom, according to Washington Post staff writer Martha Sherrill, who reported from Milwaukee.

As more bodies are identified, Milwaukee District Attorney E. Michael McCann said additional charges may be filed against Dahmer, perhaps at a hearing on Aug. 22.

The investigation of the sensational murders -- in which Dahmer is accused of drugging, strangling and dismembering his alleged victims -- has also brought angry accusations in Milwaukee of police incompetence and racism. Most of Dahmer's alleged victims were gay men in their teens and 20s; many of them were black.

On Monday, Catherine Lacy, the mother of one of Dahmer's alleged victims, Oliver Lacy, filed a $3 million lawsuit against the city of Milwaukee, saying her son's death could have been avoided and that police discriminated against her son, who is black. More suits against the city are expected.

Among the eight killings with which Dahmer was charged yesterday was that of 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone, who fled naked and drugged from Dahmer's apartment last May but who was turned over to Dahmer by Milwaukee police after Dahmer convinced them the entire affair was a drunken spat between two friends.

Blacks in Milwaukee have expressed outrage that police apparently believed Dahmer, a convicted sex offender, and not two black women who reported seeing a naked Asian youth struggling with Dahmer. In what police have told wire services was apparently a coincidence, Dahmer was convicted in 1988 of a sex offense involving Sinthasomphone's older brother.

The Milwaukee Journal, quoting a police source, has reported that recordings of police radio communications during the May 27 incident indicated officers dismissed the case as "boy-boy" trouble. The officers joked that they wanted to head back to the station house for a "delousing."

On conviction, each first-degree murder count carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

According to the revised criminal complaint, Dahmer met Sinthasomphone at a shopping mall and took him back to his apartment to pose for pictures. Dahmer drugged the youth with what was described in the complaint as a "sleeping potion." After the boy passed out Dahmer "had oral sex" with him and then went for more beer, according to the revised complaint.

When Dahmer returned to the Oxford Apartments, the site of 11 of the 12 murders detailed in yesterday's complaint, Sinthasomphone was staggering naked down the street followed by police. Dahmer told police the youth was his friend, that he was drunk and had a history of drinking. The police escorted the two back to Dahmer's apartment and left.

"After the police left," the complaint reads, "{Dahmer} killed Sinthasomphone by strangling him and then had oral sex with him and then he took more photographs and dismembered the body and kept the skull."

Three officers involved in the incident have been suspended and charged with violating department rules for failing to investigate the incident thoroughly.

Dahmer's bail bond was raised yesterday from $1 million to $5 million. Judge Jeffrey Wagner cited Dahmer's temptation to flee.

After the hearing, Dahmer's attorney, Gerald P. Boyle, was asked how his client felt. "We don't talk about how he's feeling," Boyle replied, according to Sherrill's report.

The criminal complaint filed yesterday briefly described each of the 11 victims in addition to Sinthasomphone, including their race when known as well as the circumstances of their deaths, according to details provided by Dahmer. Most were identified by dental records or photographs:Anthony Sears, 24, a Milwaukee man Dahmer met at a bar in March 1989, and took to Dahmer's grandmother's house. After they had sex, Sears was drugged, strangled and dismembered. His head was boiled to remove the skin, and later painted.

Raymond Smith, 33, a black man Dahmer met at a club in the spring or early summer of 1990, and offered money go home with him "to be photographed and have a drink and watch videos." After drugging and strangling Smith, Dahmer removed his clothing and had oral sex with him. He dismembered the body, but kept the skull and later painted it.

Ernest Miller, 23, a black Chicago man visiting his aunt in Milwaukee over the Labor Day weekend in 1990. Dahmer met him in front of a book store and offered him money to return to his apartment. There, they had sex, after which Dahmer drugged Miller and cut his throat. After taking photos of Miller, Dahmer "dismembered the body and disposed of the flesh except for the biceps which he kept in the freezer; he also kept the skull and painted it, and he kept the skeleton which he bleached."

David C. Thomas, 22, a black man to whom Dahmer offered money to go to his apartment in late September 1990, where "they drank and talked but he had no sex with this man because the man wasn't his type." Thomas was drugged, killed, dismembered and photographed, but Dahmer "did not keep any of the body parts."

Curtis Straughter, 17, whom Dahmer "observed" waiting for a bus last February, and offered money to go to his apartment. Straughter was drugged, Dahmer had oral sex with him, then strangled and dismembered him, taking photographs and keeping the skull.

Errol Lindsey, 19, whom Dahmer met on a street corner in April, and offered money to return to his apartment. Dahmer drugged, strangled and then had oral sex with him, "dismembered the body and saved the skull."

Tony Anthony Hughes, 31, a deaf and mute man Dahmer met in May on the street in front of a bar. "He communicated with Hughes by writing and it appeared that Hughes could read lips." Dahmer offered him $50 to go home with him to take photos and look at videos. Drugged and killed, Hughes was dismembered and his skull retained.

Matt Turner, also known as Donald Montrell, 21, a black man Dahmer met at the Chicago bus station on June 30 after the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago. Dahmer offered him money to go with him to Milwaukee and pose nude for photographs. Turner was drugged, strangled with a strap and dismembered. Dahmer kept his head in the apartment freezer, "and placed his body in a 57-gallon barrel that he had in his residence."

Jeremiah Weinberger, 23, a Puerto Rican man Dahmer met in early July at a gay bar in Chicago and offered money to go with him to Milwaukee to pose. They took the bus to Milwaukee and a cab to Dahmer's apartment. Weinberger stayed with Dahmer for two days, having oral sex on the first day and on the second day indicating that he wanted to leave. Dahmer gave him a drugged drink, "strangled him manually" and dismembered the body. He then took more photos and kept his head in the freezer and body in a 57-gallon drum.

Oliver Lacy, 24, a black man Dahmer met on a Milwaukee street corner. At Dahmer's apartment, they "removed their clothes and did body rubs," after which Lacy was drugged and strangled, and Dahmer had anal sex with him. He dismembered the body, placed the head "in the bottom of the refrigerator in a box and kept the man's heart in the freezer to eat later; he also kept the man's body in the freezer." He also kept Lacy's identification, which he turned over to police.

Joseph Bradehoft, 25, a white man "waiting for a bus {with} a six-pack under his arm," when Dahmer got off the bus and invited him home. They had oral sex, Bradehoft was drugged and strangled with a strap, then dismembered. Dahmer "put his head in the freezer and his body in the same blue 57-gallon barrel where he had placed the bodies of the black male and the Puerto Rican male."