The net worth of Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary increased significantly over the past two years to nearly $700,000, according to a financial statement the Democratic presidential candidate released yesterday.

An 84 percent increase in the value of their investment portfolio and including the couples' $180,200 in retirement plans in their assets accounted for most of the change, campaign aide Betsey Wright said. Their net worth at the end of 1989 was $418,692.

The statement shows the Clintons' personal wealth, though more than that of most Americans, is far less than that of his likely rivals in the presidential race, Texas businessman Ross Perot and President Bush.

Perot's fortune has been estimated at more than $2 billion. Bush released a detailed financial statement recently indicating his net worth is about $3.7 million, including $1.3 million in a blind trust and the $2.2 million value of his home in Kennebunkport, Maine. Bush listed no liabilities.

The Clinton statement said that as of Dec. 31, 1991, the couple had assets of $862,980 and liabilities of $165,603. The assets were listed as $158,056 in cash, $387,077 in investments, including stocks and partnerships, the $180,200 in the retirement plans, an $80,000 interest in a condominium and $57,647 in personal property.

The debts were a $64,848 mortgage for half-interest in a Little Rock condominium they own with Hillary's parents and a $100,755 bank loan from the 1990 governor's race. The campaign committee will pay back the gubernatorial loan, Wright said.

Two years ago, the Clintons released a net worth statement listing assets of $489,692 and a single liability, the then-$71,000 mortgage. Listed separately at the time were retirement accounts totaling about $124,000.

According to federal tax returns they made public, the Clintons' total income for 1991 was $234,428, up 19 percent from 1989.