Following are transcripts of two 911 calls Nicole Brown Simpson made to police on Oct. 25, 1993:

NICOLE SIMPSON: Can you send someone to my house?

911 DISPATCHER: What's the problem there?

NS: My husband -- or ex-husband -- has just broken into my house and he's ranting and raving outside in the front yard.

911: Has he been drinking or anything?

NS: No. But he's crazy.

911: Did he hit you?

NS: No.

911: Do you have a restraining order against him?

NS: No.

911: What is your name?

NS: Nicole Simpson.

Dispatcher puts out domestic violence call for any patrol car to respond to her address in Brentwood. About 50 seconds later, Nicole Simpson calls back:

NS: Could you get somebody over here now, to . . . Gretna Green. He's back. Please.

911: What does he look like?

NS: He's O.J. Simpson. I think you know his record. Just send somebody over.

911: What is he doing there?

NS: He just drove up again. {She begins to cry.} Could you just send somebody over?

911: What is he driving?

NS: He's in a white Bronco, but first of all he broke the back door down to get in.

911: Wait a minute, what's your name?

NS: Nicole Simpson.

911: OK, is he the sportscaster or whatever?

NS: Yeah.

911: Wait a minute, we're sending police. What is he doing? Is he threatening you?

NS: He's {expletive} going nuts. {Sobs}.

911: Has he threatened you or is he just harassing you?

NS: You're going to hear him in a minute. He's about to come in again.

911: Okay, just stay on the line.

NS: I don't want to stay on the line. He's going to beat the {expletive} out of me.

911: Wait a minute, just stay on the line so we can know what's going on until the police get there, okay? Okay Nicole?

NS: Uh-huh.

911: Just a moment. Does he have any weapons?

NS: I don't know {sounding exasperated}. He went home. Now he's back. The kids are up there sleeping and I don't want anything to happen.

911: Okay, just a minute. Is he on drugs or anything?

NS: No.

911: Just stay on the line. In case he comes in I need to hear what's going on.

NS: Can you hear him outside?

911: Is he yelling?

NS: Yep.

911: Okay. Has he been drinking?

NS: No.

911: Okay. {Speaking over radio to police units:} All units: more on the domestic violence at . . . South Gretna Green Way, the suspect has returned in a white Bronco. Monitor comments. Incident 48231.

911: Okay, Nicole?

NS: Uh-huh.

911: Is he outdoors?

NS: Uh-huh, he's in the back yard.

911: He's in the back yard?

NS: Screaming at my roommate about me and at me.

911: Okay. What is he saying?

NS: Oh, something about some guy I know and hookers and keys and I started this {expletive} before and . . . .

911: Um-hum.

NS: And it's all my fault and 'Now what am I going to do,' 'get the police in this' and the whole thing. It's all my fault, I started this before. {Sigh.} Brother. {Inaudible} kids {inaudible}.

911: Okay, has he hit you today or . . . .

NS: No.

911: Okay, you don't need any paramedics or anything?

NS: Uh-uh.

911: Okay. You just want him to leave?

NS: My door. He broke the whole back door in.

911: And then he left and he came back?

NS: He came and he practically knocked my upstairs door down but he pounded it and he screamed and hollered and I tried to get him out of the bedroom because the kids are sleeping in there.

911: Um-hum. Okay.

NS: He wanted somebody's phone number and I gave him my phone book -- or I put my phone book down to write down the phone number that he wanted -- and he took my phone book with all my stuff in it.

911: Okay. So basically you guys have just been arguing?

{O.J. Simpson continues yelling, but what he is saying is indistinct on the tape recording.}

911: Is he inside right now?

NS: Yeah.

{O.J. Simpson still yelling.}

911: Okay, just a moment.

{More indistinguishable yelling by O.J. Simpson.}

911: Is he talking to you?

NS: Yeah.

911: Are you locked in a room or something?

NS: No. He can come right in. I'm not going where the kids are because the kids. . . .

911: Do you think he's going to hit you?

NS: I don't know.

911: Stay on the line. Don't hang it up, okay?

NS: Okay.

{Indistinguishable yelling.}

911: What is he saying?

NS: What?

911: What is he saying?

NS: What else.

{Sound of police radio traffic.}

NS: O.J.! O.J.! The kids are sleeping.

{More yelling.}

911: He's still yelling at you?

{Sound of yelling, Nicole Simpson sobbing into telephone.}

911: Is he upset with something that you did?

NS: {Sobs.} Oh, a long time ago. He always comes back.

911: Is your roommate talking to him?

NS: No one can talk. Listen to him.

911: Does he have any weapons with him right now?

NS: No, uh-uh.

911: Okay. Where is he standing?

NS: In the back doorway, in the house.

911: Okay.

O.J. SIMPSON: . . . I don't give a {expletive} anymore, {expletive}.

NS: Would you just please, O.J., O.J., O.J., O.J., could you please {indistinguishable}? Please leave.

OJS: . . . I'm not leaving. . . .

NS: Please leave, O.J. Please, the kids; the kids are sleeping; please.

911: Is he leaving?

NS: No.

911: Does he know you're on the phone with police?

NS: No.

911: Where are the kids at right now?

NS: Up in my room.

911: Can they hear him yelling?

NS: I don't know. The room's the only one that's quiet. . . .God.

911: Is there someone up there with the kids?

NS: No.

OJS: You didn't give a {expletive} about the kids when you were {expletive} {indistinguishable} in the living room. They were here. Who cared for the kids then? . . .Oh, it's different now.

911: What is he saying now? Nicole, you still on the line?

NS: Yeah.

911: Do you think he's still going to hit you?

NS: I don't know. He's going to leave. He just said that. He just said he needs to leave.

OJS: . . . Hey! I've been reading this {expletive} all week in the National Enquirer. Her words exactly. What, who got that, who? . . .

911: Are you the only one in there with him?

NS: Right now, yeah. And he's also talking to my -- the guy who lives out back is just standing there. He came home.

911: Are you arguing with him, too?

NS: No. Absolutely not.

911: Oh, okay. Okay.

NS: That's not arguing.

911: Yeah. Has this happened before or no?

NS: Many times.

911: Okay. The police should be on the way. It just seems like a long time because it's kind of busy in that division right now.

{Yelling continues.}

911, to police: Regarding Gretna Green Way, the suspect is still there and yelling very loudly.

Police Officer on radio: 52 on Gretna Green.

911: Is he still arguing?

{Knock at the door.}

911: Was someone knocking on your door?

NS: It was him.

911: He's knocking on your door?

NS: There's a locked bedroom and he's wondering why.

911: Oh. So he's knocking on the locked door?

NS: Yeah. You know what, O.J., that window above you is also open. Could you just go, please? Can I get off the phone?

911: You want? You feel safe hanging up?

NS: {Indistinguishable}.

911: You want to wait 'til the police get there?

NS: Yeah.

911: Nicole?

NS: Yeah.

911: Is he still arguing with you?

NS: Um-hum. He's moved a little {indistinguishable}.

911: But the kids are still asleep?

NS: Yes. They're like rocks.

911: What part of the house is he in right now?

NS: Downstairs.

911: Downstairs?

NS: Yes.

911: And you're upstairs?

NS: No, I'm downstairs in the kitchen. . . . In the kitchen.

{Yelling continues in background.}

911: Can you see the police, Nicole?

NS: No, but I will go out there right now.

911: Okay. You want to go out there?

Ns: Yeah.

911: Okay. Hang up, okay?