LOS ANGELES, JULY 21 -- A notebook detailing Nicole Brown Simpson's activities last winter was found in O.J. Simpson's girlfriend's car and has been turned over to Los Angeles police, officials said today.

Police in Newport Beach, 40 miles south of Los Angeles, said the notebook was recovered from Paula Barbieri's car Jan. 31 after the car had been stolen and used in four armed robberies.

The former football star is to be arraigned Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court in the murder of Nicole, his 35-year-old ex-wife, and her friend Ronald L. Goldman, 25, a waiter and aspiring model. The two were stabbed and slashed to death outside her Brentwood town house on the night of June 12.

Newport Beach police Sgt. Andy Gonis said the notebook was handed over July 12 to the lawyer of the man who stole the car and was now in the hands of Los Angeles police investigators.

He said William Wasz was arrested Jan. 31 and had remained in jail since. Wasz admitted to a series of robberies and recently was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Wasz stole the car on Jan. 24.

Wasz's lawyer, John Stewart, told CNN the notebook contained a detailed schedule of Nicole Simpson's movements.

It was unclear to whom the notebook belonged. Gonis said it was handed over to Stewart "because it was personal belongings. At least it was reported to us as such and belonged to the suspect {Wasz}."

He said officers had not read the contents of the notebook. "Hindsight being what it is, probably we should have. Now, it would have made things a lot simpler. But nonetheless the Los Angeles Police Department now has the book," Gonis said.