A federal judge ruled today that if Shannon Faulkner becomes the first woman in the Citadel's cadet corps, she should live in the barracks and get the same discipline as other cadets.

U.S. District Judge C. Weston Houck rejected the state military college's plan to house her separately in the infirmary and protect her from the intense shouting and confrontational discipline other cadets receive.

"I see no reason why the admission of Ms. Faulkner should cause any changes," Houck ruled. He said under the school plan "she would be the only cadet in the infirmary and that would be treating her vastly differently from other cadets."

Houck told the school to spell out clearly a policy on sexual harassment. There was testimony last year that cadets routinely use terms demeaning to women to discipline other cadets.

A federal appeals court has said Faulkner must be allowed to join the corps in August unless the state develops an alternative women's leadership program elsewhere. Houck's ruling today would not take effect unless he rejects the state's plan for the leadership program. On Tuesday, the judge scolded attorneys for the state and The Citadel for not filing some details of that $10 million plan until Monday. "It places a tremendous amount of pressure on the court to have this plan come in at this late date," Houck said. "We're in a serious dilemma now."