A bomb exploded at an outdoor music festival Saturday night, killing at least 29 people in a hail of shrapnel and wounding 205 others, police said today, adding that a suspect was arrested.

The blast occurred one block from a police barracks. It recalled the most violent days of the city's drug terrorism, which dwindled with the 1993 police killing of Medellin cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar.

A suspect carrying five cans of gunpowder was arrested, police said, but the motive for the attack was not immediately known. A reward of $625,000 was offered for information leading to the capture of other suspects.

Police Col. Victor Manuel Paez said a 22-pound bomb filled with shrapnel was placed beneath a bird sculpture created by renowned artist Fernando Botero in San Antonio park.

Defense Minister Fernando Botero Zea, son of the artist, flew to Medellin to assess security.

{The country's largest armed Marxist group later issued a statement saying the attack was aimed at the defense minister because of his reluctance to negotiate a peace settlement with them, the Reuter news service reported. A statement sent to a television statement by the Bolivarian Militias of the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) said the bomb was intended only to destroy the statue and the casualties were "regrettable consequences."

{"We will continue this campaign even though our actions are only directed towards the oppressors like Fernando Botero Zea," the rebel statement was quoted as saying. "For this reason we will keep destroying his father's sculptures."}

The bomb exploded as a musical festival called "I Am Cartagena" -- after the Colombian city on the Caribbean -- was ending. About 5,000 attended, according to the organizer, but the audience had dwindled to 1,500 at the time of the bomb blast.

At the General Hospital, physician Carlos Alberto Telaez said three of the dead were children. Police said 105 people remained hospitalized last night. CAPTION: Police in Medellin guard ruins of sculpture by Fernando Botero. The fatal bomb was placed in its base.