CAPTION: Documents released yesterday by the House Banking and Financial Services Committee track Hillary Rodham Clinton's involvement in Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan's legal affairs. The S&L was owned by the Clintons' Whitewater business partner, James B. McDougal, who has said he hired Hillary Clinton's firm after then-Gov. Clinton asked him to do so and paid it a $2,000-a-month retainer. Since 1992, when first questioned about it during Cinton's presidential campaign, the Clintons have insisted that Hillary Clinton "did not attempt to intervene or attempt to influence in any matter concerning Madison Guaranty" and that she did not solicit Madison as a client. Hillary Clinton, a former partner in Little Rock's Rose Law Firm, has said repeatedly that she had "minimal involvement" with the state-regulated institution while her husband served as Arkansas governor. * October 1983: In a letter to McDougal, a Rose partner sends a statement for services rendered in a case involving Madison Bank & Trust, a small bank owned by McDougal and several Clinton political associates. The letter says it is sent "pursuant to your discussion with Hillary Rodham Clinton." The statement cites $5,893 in costs and fees for services performed by Vincent W. Foster Jr. and two other lawyers. * April 1985: The Rose Law Firm writes the Arkansas State Securities Commission on Madison's behalf seeking approval for a preferred stock issue. It refers further questions to either Hillary Clinton or another lawyer. * May 1985: In a letter to Hillary Clinton, state Securities Commissioner Beverly Bassett Schaffer, a Clinton appointee, concurs that Madison's novel stock plan "is not inconsistent with Arkansas law." Hillary Clinton writes McDougal and encloses Schaffer's letter, saying "we appreciate the opportunity to work for you and look forward to continuing success in resolving whatever questions arise as you pursue your plan for growth." On the same day, McDougal writes Hillary Clinton asking her to help him schedule time with another Rose partner about banking matters that "might be mutually beneficial." * July 1985: McDougal writes an S&L officer saying, "I need to know everything you have pending before the Securities Commission as I intend to get with Hillary Clinton within the next few days." * August 1985: Internal Madison memo says McDougal prefers to use Hillary Clinton to handle application before the state for a new home office. * January 1986: A Rose lawyer writes legal anaylsis for Hillary Clinton about McDougal's plan to open a brewery and tasting parlor at one of his real estate subdivisions. Hillary Clinton writes handwritten note to the lawyer saying she's discussed the matter with an S&L executive. * February 1986: Law partner writes memo to Hillary Clinton about Madison's plan to open a public utility that would sell water to some of McDougal's developments. * February 1986: Hillary Clinton writes letter to Madison's accounting firm, Frost & Co., describing the S&L's legal status. The firm's audit was later called into question by the Resolution Trust Corp. * April-May 1986: Hillary Clinton works on loan participations in which Madison has an interest. * July 1986: McDougal is removed from the S&L after federal regulators find evidence of mismanagement. * July 1986: Hillary Clinton writes McDougal ending the Rose firm's retainer relationship and returning $4,622. She says the firm will negotiate further Madison work on a "case-by-case basis." * September 1986: Hillary Clinton writes Madison's new accounting firm, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., about the S&L's legal status. She mentions that the S&L owes the Rose firm $2,160. * November 1986: Letter from Madison suggests Hillary Clinton is still working on loan participation matter. * November 1986: In an internal memo to Vince Foster, a Rose lawyer details clients the firm has declined to represent so there will be no conflict with its work for the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp. The memo says the firm has "discontinued further representation" of Madison, which Hillary Clinton and others had represented "from time to time on special assignments." * Undated: A recap of fees paid to Madison shows Hillary Clinton receiving a $500 payment from Madison for general services in September 1987. CAPTION: Hillary Clinton