A man was sentenced to death for kidnapping a 16-year-old girl, beating her with a shovel and burying her alive in a slaying prosecutors said was retribution for a drug rip-off by her brothers.

Orlando Hall, 24, of El Dorado, Ark., was convicted in one of the first cases to be brought under the 1994 Crime Bill. The law added kidnapping resulting in death to the list of federal crimes punishable by death.

Hall was one of five men charged with kidnapping and killing Lisa Rene, who was raped over two days and buried in a shallow grave in Pine Bluff, Ark.

She was dragged from her Arlington, Tex., home in 1994. In a chilling plea captured on tape, Rene screamed in terror and begged a 911 operator for help as men claiming to be FBI agents broke into her apartment.

Three co-defendants pleaded guilty and testified against Hall in exchange for leniency when they are sentenced. The fifth man, Bruce Webster, 22, of Pine Bluff, goes on trial March 4.

The men had gone to the apartment in search of the girl's two brothers, whom they had paid $5,000 for marijuana that wasn't delivered. When the brothers weren't there, they took Rene.