The House ethics committee said yesterday it had reason to believe that departing Rep. Barbara Rose Collins (D-Mich.) committed 11 violations of law and House rules.

The violations ranged from having employees do personal chores for her or campaign work on congressional office time to cashing campaign funds for personal use and using House office funds for her campaign.

Since Collins will leave office when a new Congress is sworn in Monday, the committee said there was not sufficient time for the House to take any punitive action against her.

Collins, who lost her seat in Michigan's primary last August, could not be reached for comment.

An investigation by the Justice Department continues into allegations Collins misused campaign, office and scholarship funds.

The ethics committee found "credible evidence" that, contrary to House rules, Collins's congressional office employees worked on her campaign with her knowledge and approval. The activities of employees ranged from organizing campaign fund-raising events on office time to the day-to-day management of campaign finances, the committee's investigative subcommittee found.

The subcommittee said there also was "substantial evidence" that members of Collins's staff routinely did personal tasks for Collins -- ranging from cleaning her house to curling her hair -- when they should have been working on official duties. The subcommittee also said there was evidence Collins used House office funds for her campaign in 1995 -- which is against House rules.

In one case, a plane ticket was purchased for a friend to attend a campaign event with office funds. In another, a campaign hotel bill was paid with office funds. The subcommittee said it believed Collins knew congressional funds were used to pay for the ticket and lodging.

The subcommittee said it also had reason to believe Collins improperly converted $10,900 in campaign funds for her personal use by depositing the funds into her personal account in two transactions.

And the report said Collins cashed thousands of dollars in campaign money during her trip in December 1994 to Ghana to be crowned "Queen Mother" of a local community.