More than a year after he was cleared as a suspect in the Olympic bombing, Richard Jewell is back on the police beat.

The former security guard started today as a police officer in Luthersville, a town of about 750 people 40 miles southwest of Atlanta.

Police Chief Paige McNeese hired Jewell to fill one of two vacancies in the five-officer department. He said he did not think giving Jewell the job would present a problem.

"Of course we're going to have some attention, but the man applied to me for a job. He's well qualified. He has experience. He has training. And most of all, he wants to be a police officer," McNeese said.

Last year, Jewell spent 88 days under the microscope of the FBI and the world news media after he was named as a suspect in the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta that killed one woman and injured more than 100. The FBI publicly ruled him out as a suspect in October 1996.

Jewell worked as a security guard, a jailer and deputy sheriff before becoming a security guard at the Olympics. But he said in July that after months of rejection, he had given up his dream of returning to law enforcement.