The former grade school teacher who had sex with a 13-year-old and gave birth to his child was sentenced today to nearly 7 1/2 years in prison for violating parole by meeting with him. Prosecutors said the two may have been planning to run away together.

"Within weeks from your release from jail, you purposely violated the terms of your agreement," King County Superior Court Judge Linda Lau told Mary Kay LeTourneau. Lau reinstated an 89-month sentence for violating the judge's order that LeTourneau stay away from the boy.

"This case is not about a flawed system. This is about an opportunity that you foolishly squandered," said Lau, referring to the lenient sentence she had imposed last November. LeTourneau was led away in handcuffs.

LeTourneau pleaded guilty in August to child rape and was sentenced to six months in jail with credit for time served and good behavior.

In a two-hour hearing today, a police officer testified that LeTourneau lied when he found her and the youth in a car earlier this week.

Prosecutors said evidence indicated it was not the first time they had contact since she was released from jail Jan. 2. Thousands of dollars in cash were found in the car along with LeTourneau's passport, prosecutors said.

Three prosecution witnesses testified, but LeTourneau's attorney, David Gehrke, called no witnesses on her behalf. LeTourneau whispered, "No, thank you," when asked by the judge if she wanted to speak.

Gehrke had asked the judge to impose a 180-day jail sentence and additional treatment.

"Society does not need to be protected from Mary LeTourneau," who is sick and "fixated" on the young man, Gehrke said in his closing statement. "The person who really needs to be protected from Mary LeTourneau is Mary LeTourneau."

Lisa Johnson, deputy King County prosecutor, told the court that LeTourneau repeatedly lied to investigating officers, and that evidence indicated she had met with the youth several times.

"It is not too far a stretch to think . . . that she would flee with both the victim and the baby," Johnson said.

Seattle Police Officer Todd Harris described how he found LeTourneau, 35, in a car with the youth, now 14, near her home early Tuesday morning. Harris said LeTourneau first said she was alone in the car, and then she and the teenager provided false names when asked for identification.

The next witness, Detective Dane Bean, said the young man told him that there had been no sexual contact, but he and LeTourneau had kissed frequently and that he had touched her on the thigh. The two were found fully clothed.

In addition to finding snack food and beer, officers who searched the car found $6,200, men's and infant's clothing, and hidden under the driver's floor mat, her passport, Bean testified. Also found were receipts for $850 in purchases made since Jan. 20 for men's and young men's clothing and infant wear, he said.

LeTourneau's parole officer, David Gilkey, testified that she told him the youth had surprised her outside of her residence, saying that he wanted to talk. Earlier, Robert Huff, the young man's lawyer, said the teenager had called LeTourneau to arrange the meeting.

Gilkey said she told him the money was for dermatology treatments and for her divorce lawyer. Some of the men's clothing was gifts for relatives, and some was for herself, Gilkey said. "She stated that she simply enjoyed wearing oversized men's clothing," he said.

Last November, Lau suspended the 7 1/2-year prison term on the condition that LeTourneau complete a three-year sex-offender treatment program and avoid all contact with juveniles, including the youth.

In interviews, both have said they are in love. The teenager has objected to being called a victim, and his mother pleaded with the judge not to impose a prison term on LeTourneau when she was sentenced in November. The two met when the youngster was a pupil at her school in a Seattle suburb. They began having sex in 1996, when he was 13 and no longer a pupil of hers. She is the mother of four other children, who now live with their father. CAPTION: Mary Kay LeTourneau is resentenced after meeting again with youth, now 14.