Hundreds rioted in Bima on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa today in protest of rising food prices. Protesters threw rocks and set two Chinese-owned shops on fire.

A police officer said about 250 people marched to the town council office to protest higher prices of staple goods, including food and cooking oil. "The number of people rose to more than 1,000 as the march turned into a stone-throwing protest," the officer said by telephone. "Almost all Chinese-owned shops were attacked."

The official Antara news agency quoted Col. Soekotjo, the local military chief, as saying nine shops were damaged, two of them burned. He said the riot was brought under control after three hours.

About 200 people have been arrested in recent weeks in Indonesia. Storekeepers, mainly members of the ethnic Chinese minority, have become scapegoats as economic problems push up food prices.

Bima is 870 miles east of Jakarta. Sporadic protests have occurred in Central and East Java as well as neighboring Sulawesi island.

In the capital, thousands of police and soldiers ended a three-day training session in riot control, hearing armed forces commander Gen. Feisal Tanjung's exhortation to "take stern action" against any threat to national stability.

The massive exercise was meant to prepare for -- and discourage -- any protests over the economic crisis that threaten next month's presidential election. CAPTION: Indonesian military in riot gear secured a debris-strewn street in Bandung on Jan. 5 after rioting that targeted businesses owned by ethnic Chinese. The violence erupted after a police crackdown on illegal street vending.