An article yesterday incorrectly described the fate of Cubans who are stopped by the U.S. Coast Guard at sea. The Immigration and Naturalization Service conducts interviews on board. Some refugees are given an asylum hearing at Guantanamo and, if asylum is granted, are admitted to a country other than the United States. Those who are not deemed to have a credible claim are returned directly to Cuba and not taken to Guantanamo. In yesterday's story about the Academy Awards nominations, the nationality of actors Geoffrey Rush and Cate Blanchett was incorrectly reported. They are Australian. CLARIFICATION

Two researchers involved in a study on sexual dysfunction that was reported yesterday were paid by Pfizer Inc. as consultants to review data on Viagra before the impotency drug was submitted for government approval. That association was not mentioned by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), which published the study. A spokesman for the American Medical Association, which publishes JAMA, said yesterday the omission was an oversight and would be noted in a subsequent issue. JAMA has a policy of disclosing any researcher's connection to a drug company because of the potential for a conflict of interest, the spokesman said.