4 Killed in Las Vegas Assault

LAS VEGAS -- A former Marine dressed in camouflage blasted away with a pump-action shotgun as he roamed through a supermarket before sunrise yesterday, killing four employees and critically wounding one, police said.

Police arrested Zane Floyd, 23, in the Albertsons supermarket parking lot after talking him out of killing himself.

Floyd, who was honorably discharged from the Marines at Camp Pendleton, Calif., last July and worked as a bouncer at a bar, was arrested for investigation of murder.

Police have not found any connection between Floyd and the victims -- three men and a woman -- and there was no indication he had had any run-ins at the store.

Boston Sues Gunmakers

BOSTON -- Accusing the gun industry of "negligence, recklessness and greed," Mayor Thomas M. Menino said the city has sued 31 companies accused of flooding the city's streets with guns.

The suit is similar to those filed by 19 other cities in alleging that guns create a public health problem. It accuses gunmakers of failing to install all possible safety devices and unjustly making money from arms flowing to people not authorized to own them.

The city is seeking more than $100 million in damages for police, fire and medical expenses caused by gun violence, as well as for increased security costs and declines in real estate values.

Meanwhile, the first such lawsuit against gun manufacturers, by the city of New Orleans, was thwarted by Louisiana lawmakers. A measure passed by the state Senate Wednesday night and already approved by the House seeks to nullify retroactively the suit filed last fall by New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial, who claimed that gunmakers should be held responsible for making a product without adequate safety devices.


NASHVILLE -- Feed the Children fired all 14 employees at its Nashville distribution center amid an investigation into whether they stole boxloads of goods that had been donated to the charity. Founder and president Larry Jones said the center will remain closed while the relief agency takes an inventory of how much is missing.

SALT LAKE CITY -- A member of a polygamist clan was convicted of incest and unlawful sex with his 16-year-old niece, who testified she was forced to become her uncle's 15th wife. David Ortell Kingston, an accountant for the family's multimillion-dollar business empire, was convicted of two of the four felony counts and was not charged with polygamy.

BURGETTSTOWN, Pa. -- Three teenagers suspected of breaking into an apartment near the Franciscan University campus and kidnapping two members of a religious fraternity say the pair -- Brian Muha, 18, of Columbus, and Aaron Land, 20, of Philadelphia -- were shot to death, according to investigators. Prosecutor Stephen Stern said the suspects, ages 19, 18 and 16, said Muha and Land had been killed, although each said the others did it.