7 Die in Sightseeing Chopper Crash

JUNEAU, Alaska -- All seven people aboard a sightseeing helicopter were killed when the aircraft crashed yesterday near Herbert Glacier, 20 miles north of Juneau. The cause has yet to be determined.

In a separate accident, two people were taken to a hospital after an Era Aviation helicopter crashed on Admiralty Island.

Officers' Paint Play Turns Serious

WESTON, W.Va. -- Off-duty police officers playing paint ball splattered four floors of a historic former mental hospital in multicolored paint.

"We're talking so much paint it was hazardous to walk on the floors, it was so wet," Sheriff Robert Rinehart said of conditions in the 19th-century Weston Hospital. He said the 18 officers could be charged with property destruction and billed for cleanup.

Teacher in Trouble for Pipe Bomb Talk

PALM HARBOR, Fla. -- High school social studies teacher Timothy Falls showed his class how to make a pipe bomb and where to place it for maximum injuries and damage to Palm Harbor University High School a day after the massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado, officials said.

The Pinellas County school superintendent has recommended that Falls, 38, be suspended for 10 days, meaning he would lose $1,430.

According to an account provided by the school board, Falls discussed the shooting in several classes, calling it a travesty and emphasizing awareness of one's surroundings. Students asked him about pipe bombs, and he allegedly drew a diagram of one and discussed placement to maximize impact.

Jade Moore, executive director of the teachers union, defended Falls's "topical" explanation. "It sounds to me like he was probably exercising his First Amendment right to academic freedom."


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- When members of Harvard Law School's class of 1999 receive their degrees today, 36 percent fewer graduates than last year will be awarded with honors, the result of a new policy intended to boost the value of a cum laude degree and remove the stigma associated with not graduating with honors, the school said. Harvard Law is limiting magna cum laude degrees to the top 10 percent of the class, down from 16 percent, and cum laude degrees to the next 30 percent, half of the former 60 percent.

SOMERSET, R.I. -- Some teachers, counselors and students plan to skip the prom tonight because they say a new requirement that they take alcohol breath tests is wrong and unlawful. Parents of students who fail the test will be called to take them home. A spokesman said the ACLU considers the tests a violation of the Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens against unlawful searches.