Of Schools Grows

A trend toward resegregation of the races in America's public schools is proceeding fastest in the South, according to a Harvard University study, though the races are most separate in schools in other regions.

Nearly 75 percent of Hispanic students and 69 percent of black students attend predominantly minority schools, says the report by the Civil Rights Project, a research and advocacy organization run by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Law School.

The report, based on Education Department enrollment data, also notes that most white public school students attend schools that are 80 percent or more white.

Black students are most likely to go to majority black schools in Michigan, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Maryland. In Maryland, 47.5 percent of black students attend schools that are 90 percent minority, compared with 24.8 percent who attend majority white schools.

The top states for Hispanic student concentration are New York, Texas, New Jersey, California and Illinois.

Vermont Court Rules

Against School Vouchers

Vermont's Supreme Court ruled yesterday that government vouchers cannot be used to pay tuition to sectarian schools because the payments would constitute public support of religious worship and therefore violate the state constitution.

The school board in Chittenden, Vt., which does not have a high school, had sought to pay tuition for local students to attend a Catholic school in nearby Rutland, which begins each day with a prayer and mandates students to attend Mass once a month and take four theology courses in order to graduate.

The decision was the fourth in a series of state rulings on the question of whether government vouchers for sectarian schools violate the separation of church and state. Vermont and Maine have ruled against the constitutionality of using vouchers for religious schools, while Wisconsin and Ohio have upheld it. It is likely that the issue ultimately will be resolved nationally by the Supreme Court.

Students Protest

Graduation Speaker

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Several students walked out of Evergreen State College's commencement and some stood with their backs to the stage to protest the inclusion of convicted police killer Mumia Abu-Jamal's audiotaped remarks.

"I feel what's going on here does not represent who I am and why I'm here," said Shawn Ward, one of the graduates who walked out.

Maureen Faulkner, widow of the Philadelphia officer Abu-Jamal is accused of shooting in 1981, said Abu-Jamal's participation was "not fitting for a graduation ceremony."

Abu-Jamal has been on death row since 1982. No execution date has been set. He is appealing to the Supreme Court.

Gunman Kills 2, Self

In Michigan

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. -- A gunman opened fire on his psychiatrist, killing the doctor and another person before fatally shooting himself, authorities said.

Four other people were wounded in the shooting at the office of Reuven Bar-Levav in this Detroit suburb. The names of the gunman and the third victim slain, a woman from the Detroit area, were withheld by police.

In Madison, Wis., a man killed one person and wounded another outside a Wal-Mart store before shooting himself. The shootings in the store's employee parking lot may have been related to a domestic dispute, police said.


LINCOLN, Neb. -- The Nebraska Board of Education rejected an effort to broaden the science curriculum in state schools in a way that could have allowed classrooms to explore biblically based creation theories. The board voted 5 to 3 to approve new science standards that lists evolution as the only theory of the origins of the universe that will be taught.

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- A gigantic fireball sparked by thousands of gallons of gasoline leaking from a pipeline raced more than a mile down a stream, killing three people, including two boys. The cause of the leak was not immediately known, nor was the source of the ignition, officials of Olympic Pipe Line Co. said.

CAPTION: Smoke billows from a fireball sparked by thousands of gallons of gasoline leaking from a pipeline in Bellingham, Wash. Three people were killed.