Arlene Inaugurates Storm Season Harmlessly, 500 Miles Off Bermuda

MIAMI -- Arlene, the season's first tropical storm in the Atlantic, formed far out at sea yesterday with 40 mph wind and signs it would strengthen slightly.

"The primary good news is that it's no threat to anyone" for now, said John Guiney, forecaster at the National Hurricane Center.

The storm was about 510 miles southeast of Bermuda, moving west-northwest at 3 mph.

Arlene was expected to strengthen with sustained wind reaching 52 mph today and drift slowly northwestward, taking it slightly closer to Bermuda.

"It's still going be well enough away to not have any impact at all," Guiney said. "I guess it just alerts us to the fact that the season has begun in earnest."

Killer Called `Very, Very Sick'

BINGHAM FARMS, Mich. -- A psychiatrist who was gunned down by a man seeking treatment could have done little to help the severely disturbed patient, the doctor's family said.

"He was very, very sick," said Ilana Bar-Levav, who trained under her father and now practices psychiatry in Bethesda. "He needed more inpatient treatment."

Joseph Brooks Jr., 27, killed Reuven Bar-Levav and a woman and injured four others before killing himself at Bar-Levav's office Friday afternoon. One of the wounded remained hospitalized in fair condition.

Brooks had been diagnosed elsewhere as a paranoid schizophrenic and had come to the office several times but refused medication and hospitalization, said Leora Bar-Levav, who practiced there with her father.


CINCINNATI -- Two men stole $6 from a 9-year-old boy at his curbside lemonade stand, and outraged police offered a cash reward for information leading to an arrest. Two men stopped their car and asked Aaron Faughn for change. When he went to get the money, the men scooped up the proceeds and sped away, police said.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service announced Friday it will stop accepting applications for H-1B temporary employment visas for the rest of this fiscal year because the 115,000 annual cap will be reached on June 15. The visas are heavily used by high-tech companies to bring in computer programmers from India and other countries. The cap was raised last year from 65,000, and the high-tech industry is now pushing for another increase.

CAPE CANAVERAL -- A four-seater aircraft crashed unnoticed between two launch pads at Cape Canaveral, the Air Force said. Wreckage and the body of the pilot, reported to be Allen Holmes of Pompano Beach, Fla., were found Friday, nearly two days after the Piper disappeared.

MINNEAPOLIS -- A year after David Weinlick held a contest for friends and family members to pick a wife for him, he and his bride, Elizabeth, are happily celebrating their first anniversary. The Weinlicks, both 29, said they fell in love soon after they met -- about a week before the wedding.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Teddy Hill took a bite out of a crimefighter, and prosecutors are biting back. Hill, 32, was convicted Thursday of assaulting Officer Ronald Bricco by biting him on the hand in October, a crime that carries a seven-year sentence. Because Hill has two previous violent felony convictions, prosecutors plan to ask that he be declared a persistent violent felony offender under the three-strikes law and be imprisoned for life.