Tanks stood silent guard today on Israel's northern border with Lebanon, as residents returned to their homes in this border city after fleeing rocket attacks that killed two people this week.

Hundreds of citizens from the center of the country visited Kiryat Shemonah today in a show of solidarity, an Israeli television station reported. Many stopped at the city hall, which had been hit by a rocket early Friday that killed two emergency workers.

The army said late Friday that it was safe for those who stayed behind to come out of the shelters, and frightened residents that gushed from the city Thursday and Friday headed back home today.

Five Israelis were injured when Hezbollah guerrillas fired a barrage of rockets at the city Thursday. The attack was in response to an injury to a Lebanese civilian in south Lebanon from what the Shiite Muslim group said were Israeli strikes.

In retaliation, the Israeli army shelled three bridges, two power stations and a communications site near Beirut late Thursday, killing nine Lebanese and injuring dozens more.

An ensuing rocket attack on Kiryat Shemonah left the two Israelis dead and a third seriously injured.

The wounded Israeli was in grave condition today, Israeli public television reported. The two Israeli casualties were the first from rocket attacks in more than four years.