Indian Rally Turns Violent

On S. Dakota-Nebraska Border

PINE RIDGE, S.D. -- A demonstration by American Indian activists turned violent yesterday as people ransacked a store and set fires in Whiteclay, Neb., threw rocks at police and roughed up two photographers.

The four-hour American Indian Movement rally started peacefully in Pine Ridge and ended with a two-mile walk to Whiteclay, where as many as 60 people stormed a market and threw soft drinks, cigarettes and other merchandise onto the street. Two fires were set in the store but were quickly extinguished.

Stores in Whiteclay, population 22, sell $3 million worth of beer a year. Most of the sales are to Indians from Pine Ridge, who cannot legally drink on the reservation. Reservation residents have long complained of shoddy treatment from business owners and law enforcement in Whiteclay.

At the rally, three of the nation's best-known American Indian activists said they intend to respond to racial tensions along the South Dakota-Nebraska border -- including taking back part of northern Nebraska that is legally part of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Russell Means, Dennis Banks and Clyde Bellecourt said the rally was aimed at calling attention to anti-Indian prejudice and racism that they allege have contributed to the unsolved slayings of Indians along the state line.

Note Written in Blood Was Found Near Girl's Body

GILBERT, Ariz. -- Investigators say a note written in blood praying for "compassion, love and kindness" was found near the body of an 8-year-old girl beaten to death with a belt.

Christine Tuong was found dead May 15 on the floor of a prayer room in her family's home in suburban Phoenix. Detectives suspect Christine's parents hit her more than 17 times, leaving injuries that match belt buckles seized from the family's home, according to a police report released Thursday.

A decision on whether to charge the parents, Tung and Minh Tuong, who have denied beating their three daughters, will be made after another review of autopsy evidence, said County Attorney Rick Romley.

Suspect Held in Slaying Of Priest in Conn. Church

BRISTOL, Conn. -- A priest was found slain under a pile of robes near the altar Friday as parishioners waited for morning Mass to begin.

A man found a short time later in the rectory of St. Matthew Church was charged with murder in the death of the Rev. Robert J. Lysz, 50.

Michael Ouellette, 32, was carrying Lysz's credit cards, said Police Chief John DiVenere. He was being held on $1 million bond and is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday.

Tow-Truck Driver on Call Finds His Wife, Son Are Dead

SANGER, Calif. -- A tow-truck driver making a routine stop at a wreck Friday discovered that his wife and son had been killed in the accident.

Paul Gonzalez was called by the California Highway Patrol to tow cars from the wreck about 11 a.m.

His wife, Brenda Lee, 28, and their son, Jacob Paul, 3, were killed when her car went out of control, turned on its side and skidded into another vehicle, the patrol said. The couple's daughter, Heather, 2, was hospitalized in critical condition. The driver of the other car, Betty Almanzar, 63, was hospitalized.