Father Confesses To Killing Baby Son as Revenge on Wife

FRANKLIN, Ind. -- On Father's Day, Amy Shanabarger found her chubby-cheeked infant son, Tyler, face-down and dead in his crib.

Two days later -- just hours after the baby's funeral -- Ronald L. Shanabarger told his wife he had killed their son. The next day he gave police a confession saying that not only did he kill the boy, he planned the crime even before the child was conceived as a way of exacting revenge against his wife.

Tyler did not die of sudden infant death syndrome as the coroner had ruled, Shanabarger said. He confessed to suffocating the 7-month-old with plastic wrap.

He said it was revenge because Amy, before they were married, had refused to cut short a vacation trip to comfort him when his father died in 1996.

"Shanabarger said he planned to make Amy feel the way he did when his father died. He married her, got her pregnant, allowed time for her to bond with the child, and then took his [boy's] life," according to an affidavit prosecutors filed to support a murder charge.

Shanabarger, 30, who begged officers to shoot him after he confessed on Wednesday, was charged with murder.

County Prosecutor Accused In Death of In-Line Skater

CHESTER, N.Y. -- A county prosecutor is accused of driving into a couple on in-line skates, killing the husband, and continuing to drive a half-mile with the body on his car before running away to steal another car.

Paul Harnisch, 39, was charged with first-degree assault before Edwin J. Quirk, 40, died Saturday night. Tammy Quirk, who was slightly ahead of her husband, received a glancing blow and minor injuries, police said. The two were skating Saturday afternoon on a trail on which cars are prohibited.


NEW YORK -- On the 30th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, when patrons of a gay bar in Greenwich Village fought back against a police raid, members of the gay community turned out to celebrate their pride with parades in Manhattan, San Francisco and elsewhere. In Columbus, Ohio, two men were arrested at the statehouse after one of them took down the rainbow flag that represents gay rights and burned it, authorities said.

ANCHORAGE -- A woman, missing for nearly two weeks in the Alaska backcountry after her car ran out of gas, was found alive in a steep canyon. Amy Headrick, 30, was discovered Saturday lying under a plastic tarp by a man hiking to a mining cabin near Hope. She was hospitalized in good condition.

GREENVILLE, Ky. -- Four people, including police officer Joey T. Vincent, 29, and his wife, Amy, 22, were found dead, and a neighbor, Terry Todd Wedding, 27, was charged with murder in the slayings, Kentucky State Police said. The Vincents were killed in their driveway, and the bodies of another neighbor couple were found in a field three miles away. Police said they believe they know the motive but would not discuss what it was.