Primary and caucus participants in New Hampshire and Iowa are sleeping easier since the Democratic National Committee voted to reject requests by two other states to move up their presidential nominating contests.

At a recent meeting in Seattle, the party's rules committee voted against challenges by Michigan and Washington state. No firm dates have been set for the Iowa and New Hampshire events.

Meanwhile, Democrats in Arizona, South Carolina, Delaware and Oregon also have appealed for waivers that would allow them to creep closer to the Big Two.

Gore to Miss HUD Tenants' Wake-Up Call


To: Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew M. Cuomo

From: your pal, Vice President Gore

Call off the activists.

A group of about 100 low-income and disabled public housing tenants planned to picket outside Gore 2000 headquarters today. The group, the National Alliance of HUD Tenants, notes in a news release that it wants "Vice President Snore" to "wake up to America's housing crisis."

The organization says 1.5 million subsidized housing units are in danger of being eliminated. "The group asked to meet with the vice president but was denied," they say.

Gore will miss the protest. He'll be in Pennsylvania for some quick end-of-the-quarter fund-raising.

Fordice Gives Up Quayle Campaign Post

Mississippi Gov. Kirk Fordice, involved in an extramarital affair and a nasty divorce, has resigned as a national co-chairman of former vice president Dan Quayle's presidential campaign.

The governor rebuffed questions on whether his affair is at odds with the family values message that helped elect him in 1991 and 1995 -- also a theme of Quayle's campaign. "The fact of a split unfortunately in a marriage that's lasted for 40-odd years doesn't seem to me to negate one's advocacy of family values, which I certainly do," Fordice told reporters.

Fordice said he has pleaded with his wife, Pat, to divide their possessions, but he said she has refused and a divorce is "not going to happen any time soon."

He and Quayle agreed it would be better if Fordice gave up his post. "I said, `I'm going to do what's best for you, Dan, and if that helps the campaign, let's get on with it,' " Fordice said.

New Jersey Politicians Endorse Bradley

Endorsement watch: Shocking news out of New Jersey: 76 local pols back home-state boy Bill Bradley. . . . Another shocker: Jeanne Kirkpatrick, months after singing Elizabeth Dole's praises at a Washington fund-raiser, becomes campaign foreign policy adviser. . . . Iowa's United Auto Workers Union yesterday endorsed Gore. . . . The Bush juggernaut hits a snag: 10 South Carolina legislators who urged Junior to run for president say they're now with Arizona Sen. John McCain.