An article yesterday should have identified Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) as the only Republican senator--not the only senator--to oppose passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Four Democrats also voted no.

The opening reception for the "Harmony in Nature" Chautauqua Gallery Exhibition will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. today at the Old Stone Tower in Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd., Glen Echo. The date was incorrect in yesterday's community calendar of events in the Maryland Weeklies.

A column in yesterday's Business section incorrectly identified the buyer of Andrew Stern's company, Logex. It was AppNet Systems Inc. of Bethesda.

A Federal Page graphic yesterday about the General Services Administration incorrectly reported the average price of a steel filing cabinet in 1999; it is $218. The chart also should have said that in 1998, the agency oversaw 185.8 million square feet of government-owned real estate and 149.8 million square feet of leased real estate. In some editions, a caption in the graphic misspelled the name of Rep. Carter Manasco (D-Ala.).

In yesterday's "Bob Levey's Washington" column, Matthew Bethel was quoted as saying that "everybody knows everybody" in his home town of Warrenton. His great aunt made the remark.

An article in Wednesday's Business section inaccurately explained a new 51-cent monthly charge that is appearing on some Bell Atlantic phone bills. Bell Atlantic Corp. directly collects this line charge only from the 3 percent to 4 percent of its customers who have not subscribed to any long-distance service. For the rest of its customers, Bell Atlantic collects the charge from their long-distance companies, some of which are raising flat fees in their customer rates to reflect it. The 51-cent charge does not help offset an annual reduction of about $230 million in fees that long-distance companies pay Bell Atlantic for its help in beginning and ending long-distance calls. The company did not blame the Federal Communications Commission or long-distance companies for the 51-cent charge and in a notification to directly billed customers advised them to call Bell Atlantic if they had questions.

An April 23 Weekend article on falconry incorrectly reported where the Equinox resort is located. It's in Manchester Village, Vt.


An article in some editions Wednesday on the merger plans of Ameritech Corp. and SBC Communications Inc., attributed to news services and staff reports, should have noted that Bloomberg News provided most of the material.

The date of the Mary McLeod Bethune wreath-laying celebration, listed as July 9 in the Weekend Planner in today's Weekend section, was changed to July 12 after Weekend went to press.