Columbine Student Who Fell

From Window Leaves Hospital

LITTLETON, Colo. -- Nearly 10 weeks after his bullet-bloodied body tumbled from a window into the arms of rescuers at Columbine High School, Pat Ireland limped out of the hospital in a new pair of sneakers yesterday.

Standing with one crutch, a leg brace and a baseball cap covering evidence of the bullet wounds that nearly took his life during the April 20 massacre, Ireland, 17, said he intends to join his fellow classmates at Columbine when the school year begins in August and hopes to be back on water skis by next summer.

From a $3.8 million fund initiated by Mile High United Way, payments of $150,000 will be made to the families of each of the four students with brain and spinal cord injuries, $50,000 to families of the deceased and $10,000 to 21 other physically injured students.

Governor Evacuates Town,

Meets Sioux Before Protest

WHITECLAY, Neb. -- Gov. Mike Johanns (R) met with Sioux leaders but evacuated the town's 22 residents, closed its businesses and sent in 100 troopers on the eve of a protest march.

Sioux from the Pine Ridge Reservation two miles away set fires and looted a grocery store last weekend while protesting alleged treaty violations, two unsolved murders and the sale of alcohol to Indians.

Tribal leaders called today's event a prayer march and said they didn't want it to turn ugly because it could scare President Clinton away from his visit to the reservation on Tuesday. Clinton plans to discuss economic development in Indian communities and tour tornado-damaged parts of Oglala, S.D.

FBI Recovers Stolen Jawbone

Of Tyrannosaurus Rex

BERKELEY, Calif. -- A priceless Tyrannosaurus rex jawbone stolen in 1994 from a California university has been recovered after an international search that uncovered skulduggery in the global fossil trade, officials said as they unveiled the million-year-old bone -- complete with three teeth.

The jawbone, one of the most perfectly preserved fossils of the giant dinosaur ever found, was unearthed by University of California at Berkeley paleontologists in Montana in 1986. It vanished in 1994, and after replicas turned up in a catalogue in 1997, FBI agents tracked the fossil market in Germany and Belgium before finding it. No suspects have been named.

Gun Control Measures

Advance in Calif., N.J.

SACRAMENTO -- Handgun buyers in California would be allowed to purchase just one per month under a bill approved Thursday by the state Senate and sent to Gov. Gray Davis (D), who has not decided whether to sign it.

New Jersey's Senate passed a bill Thursday requiring the sale of "smart guns" with sensors that allow them to be fired only by their owners. The measure goes to the state Assembly.

The actions came as a Harvard study said nearly half a million college students own guns.


CHICAGO -- Six Orthodox Jews were shot and wounded last night as they walked home from a synagogue on the Sabbath in the Rogers Park neighborhood. Five were in serious condition, hospital officials said.

SACRAMENTO -- Arson was suspected in a fire at Choice Medical Group, where abortions are performed. No one was injured.

SATSOP, Wash. -- The second sharp earthquake in two days jolted an area from Oregon to British Columbia last night, toppling chimneys and rupturing gas and water mains. The quake magnitude was estimated at 5.1 to 5.5.