Members of the Aryan Nations paraded through downtown streets today under the protection of a federal court order but were outshouted by protesters who forced the marchers to detour.

Four protesters were arrested.

After the 20-minute parade, a few of the two dozen Aryans hailed their supporters in the crowd with the Nazi straight-arm salute before departing.

City officials had urged people to ignore the march but thousands of opponents gathered along the parade route, chanting "No Nazis! No KKK! No fascists! USA!"

Three blocks into the parade, about 20 demonstrators sat down on Sherman Avenue and halted the march. Police immediately rerouted the Aryans on a one-block detour down a side street.

"Where's that white power, guys?" shouted protester Brad Nelson of Coeur d'Alene.

Aryan Nations, based in nearby Hayden Lake, is the political arm of the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian, which holds that God has ordained the formation of a whites-only homeland in the Pacific Northwest.

Police said four protesters were arrested on misdemeanor charges and released on their own recognizance.

In a similar parade here a year ago, about 90 Aryan Nations marchers clashed with some 1,400 counter-demonstrators. Two dozen counter-demonstrators were arrested; some of them later won an $80,000 settlement from Kootenai County after claiming civil rights violations.

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge rejected a move by municipal officials to move the march out of the downtown area and to a route beside a former garbage dump, ruling that it would be an unconstitutional infringement on free speech. The American Civil Liberties Union supported Aryan Nations in the case.

"Whites still have the right to speak as of this date," Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler said Friday.

Despite the city's pleas that people ignore the parade, the Coalition Against Nazis quickly promised to show opposition.

"The main thing we want to do is send a message that the type of white supremacist violence that happened in Illinois will not be allowed to happen in the Northwest," said coalition member Ann Slater of Seattle, referring to the recent killing rampage by a white supremacist in Illinois and Indiana.

Last weekend, Benjamin Nathaniel Smith attacked blacks, Jews and Asians. He killed two people and injured nine before shooting himself to death.

CAPTION: About 20 protesters in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, block parade route of Aryan Nations marchers, forcing police to redirect the group down a side street.