On the map in Saturday's "What on Earth?" graphic in the foreign news section, the labels for Botswana and Zimbabwe were reversed.

Orphaned by AIDS

The worldwide AIDS epidemic has left 8.3 million children orphaned,* the vast majority of them in sub-Saharan Africa, according to UNICEF, the U.N. children's agency. Since many more children now live with an HIV-positive parent who is likely to die, the number of AIDS orphans is expected to reach 13 million by next year.

Number of under 15-year-olds per 10,000 in that age group who have lost their mother or both parents to AIDS.


Uganda 1,100

Zambia 890

Zimbabwe 700

Malawi 580

Togo 400

Botswana 390

Burundi 390

Ivory Coast 380

Congo 380

Tanzania 360

Rwanda 350

CAR 340

The Americas

Haiti 100

Honduras 20

Jamaica 20

Trinidad/Tobago 20

Dominican Rep. 10

U.S. 10


Thailand 30

Cambodia 20

* For this study, UNICEF considers children under age 15 who have lost their mother or both parents to be orphans; children who have lost only their fathers are not counted.

In most parts of the industrialized world, usually no more than

1 percent of the child population is orphaned. Before the onset of the AIDs epidemic, societies in the developing world absorbed orphans into extended families and communities at just over 2 percent of the child population.

Percentage of children orphaned:

Uganda 11%

Zambia 9%

Zimbabwe 7%

Malawi 6%