INS Reviews Status of Turk Detained on Plane

A Turkish national who was taken off an Istanbul-bound Delta Air Lines flight in Atlanta by FBI agents Tuesday has been turned over to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the FBI and INS said yesterday.

The FBI identified the man as Hakan Caglar, 35, and said he had been in the United States since about March. Russ Bergeron, an INS spokesman, said the agency was "reviewing [Caglar's] immigration status" but declined to discuss the details of the review.

According to the FBI, officials in Atlanta had received information from the bureau's office in Valdosta, Ga., where Caglar had boarded a connecting flight, that "led us to believe that there was a potential threat to national security of a terrorism nature." Caglar and several other passengers on the flight to Turkey were detained and questioned. The others were allowed to depart on the flight.

An FBI official said the investigation had not linked Caglar to any known terrorist organizations. But in a statement, the bureau defended Caglar's detention: "A series of circumstances led us to believe that removal of Mr. Caglar was justified."

Judge Orders Wildlife Surveys Before Timber Sales

SEATTLE -- A federal judge has put nine federal timber sales in the Pacific Northwest on hold, saying the government failed to conduct wildlife surveys required under a landmark management plan for old-growth forests.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge William Dwyer affects proposed sales involving nearly 100 million board feet, or about one-fifth of all timber set to be cut this year on the west side of the Cascade Range. It could affect timber sales across Washington, Oregon and California.

Tobacco Lawyers Seek Sick Judge's Recusal

MIAMI -- Tobacco lawyers, reeling from a sick-smokers liability verdict, want the trial judge to quit, saying he is an ailing ex-smoker too biased to oversee courtroom fights to set cash damages as high as $500 billion.

The request came as the judge said the punitive-penalty phase of the Florida class-action suit could occur as soon as next month. The plan by Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Robert Kaye opens cigarette makers to potentially huge cash assessments years earlier than they had anticipated.


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A 12-year-old, 166-pound boy who bear-hugged a 6-year-old playmate and dropped her on the floor during a tag game has been charged with the girl's death, but because he is a juvenile, a grand jury will determine the nature of the charge, police said. Tiffany Eunick, 6, of Miramar, died July 28 as a result of injuries caused by blunt trauma that day, police said, citing a medical examiner's report.

ATLANTA -- Too excited to sleep after finding out he won the $116 million Big Game drawing, Randy Kerfoot, 41, rushed to Atlanta from his Tennessee home to claim his prize. Then Kerfoot, who will bank $39 million after taxes, called his boss and said, "I'm out of here."

MIAMI -- Three people whose boat sank during a thunderstorm spent a night floating in the Atlantic Ocean before they were spotted by a passing boater and a television news helicopter. Vicky Scanlon, Daniel Hernandez and Anna Goodwyn, who were all wearing life jackets, suffered dehydration, jellyfish stings and nasty sunburns.