An article yesterday incorrectly reported that the last total solar eclipse visible in the United States occurred in 1979. A total eclipse was visible in Hawaii in 1991.

An item in yesterday's Health calendar gave an incorrect phone number for a support group meeting next Monday at Georgetown Medical Center for people considering or who have had bone marrow transplants. The correct number is 202-687-2231.

An article in yesterday's Health section gave an incorrect Internet address for Intelihealth, a site with information on medical conditions and drugs. The site can be found on the Web at

An article Monday incorrectly said the JC virus is useful for studying human migration because, like DNA, it's resistant to "recombination" events, in which paired strands of similar DNA trade pieces of themselves. Only mitochondrial DNA is resistant to "recombination" events, and that's the kind the JC virus is similar to.


An article in yesterday's Style section gave an incomplete description of a Dallas Morning News story about its parent company buying part of the Dallas Mavericks. The Morning News story ran on the front page of the business section in main editions of the paper, and quoted two people other than those working for the parent company. The Style story referred to a shorter version that ran in suburban editions.