An article in Tuesday's Health section incorrectly reported the Internet address of Intelihealth, a site that offers information about medical conditions and medications. In the Corrections box in yesterday's editions, one letter of the address also was dropped. The correct Web address is


An article Tuesday on the battle against tuberculosis said the genetic sequence for one strain of the tuberculosis bacterium was published by a laboratory in Cambridge, England. The research that led to publication was a multinational scientific effort led by researchers Stewart Cole of France's Institut Pasteur and Bart Barrell of the Sanger Centre in Cambridge.

A Feb. 25 Washington Post article and media reports elsewhere overstated the results of a Georgetown University study published in the New England Journal of Medicine the same day. In its July 22 edition, Journal editors said that the author's presentation of statistics led journalists to conclude that doctors in the study referred all hypothetical black patients for sophisticated cardiac tests 60 percent as often as white men, and black women 40 percent as often. Presented in what the Journal said was a more appropriate manner, the study's statistics showed that 91 percent of black men, white men and white women were referred for the tests, while 79 percent of black women were referred.