Furrow Was Not to Have Guns

* LOS ANGELES--Months before a white supremacist was accused of firing on a Jewish center and killing a postal worker, he was ordered by a judge in Washington to give up his guns.

But Buford O. Furrow's probation officer never checked to see if he complied with the judge's order and did not make recommended visits to his home, the Los Angeles Times reported. Washington state corrections officials said they will review how Furrow's probation was handled.

Furrow met five times with the probation officer, Patrick Gosney, but there were no visits to his home even though a Washington state Department of Corrections memo suggests such visits, said corrections spokesman Veltry Johnson.

Furrow, 37, is accused of opening fire at the North Valley Jewish Community Center, wounding five people, Tuesday. Police said he then fatally shot mail carrier Joseph Ileto before hailing a cab to Las Vegas, where he surrendered the following day. Ileto was targeted because he was a federal employee and of Filipino descent, authorities said.

Yesterday, police said a swastika and "Jews die" spray painted on Temple Knesset Israel in East Hollywood seemed to be "a copycat thing."

Alleged Train Killer Drafts Letter

* HOUSTON--Ignoring legal advice, multiple murder defendant Angel Maturino Resendiz sent an 11-page letter to television station KTRK, touching on topics ranging from why he surrendered to how much he loves his dogs.

Written in English, the letter contains spelling and grammatical errors. KTRK received the letter Thursday and verified its authenticity by checking a mail receipt from the Harris County Jail.

Maturino Resendiz said he did not surrender "because I was good; the reason was I fear that the U.S.A. was going to put my wife in jail. And they made many threats to my family, is the reason my family help the USA get me here."

Writing about his "enemy," Maturino Resendiz said: "I have been fighting this creature all of my life, and now I know it is me, so I fear, yes I fear and shake."

Defense attorney Allen Tanner said Maturino Resendiz ignored his directions to avoid contact with news media.

Maturino Resendiz, 40, is charged with four killings in Texas, two in Illinois and one in Kentucky. He is also a suspect in two other Texas killings.


* WATERBURY, Conn.--A former Marine who said he bludgeoned a 13-year-old boy with a sledgehammer because he wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone was sentenced Friday to die by injection. Todd Rizzo, 20, said before sentencing that Stanley Edwards "never deserved what happened to him," but Rizzo called the death penalty ineffective.

* ISLE OF PALMS, S.C.--Sen. Ernest F. Hollings (D-S.C.) and his wife, Peatsy, had to flee Friday night as their home was destroyed in a fire that swept through their beach community. The fire engulfed three other houses, including the vacation home of race driver Kyle Petty. No one was injured.

* SMYRNA, Ga.--Eight workers were injured--three critically--at a Georgia Power coal-burning plant when a chemical they were using to clean equipment ignited with coal dust, fire officials said.