White Man Beaten on Reservation

MARTIN, S.D.--A white man was beaten, kicked in the head and left for dead with a rope around his neck on an Indian reservation, and three Indians were arrested.

The FBI and federal prosecutors said it was too early to label the assault a hate crime, though they're not ruling it out. Relatives of the victim and one of the suspects blamed alcohol, not race.

Brad Young, 21, was in critical condition yesterday. He was found early Saturday, about seven hours after he was beaten on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Louis Means and Byron Bissonette, both 18, pleaded not guilty to federal charges of assault resulting in serious bodily injury. A 17-year-old juvenile also was taken into custody.

Officer Fired Over Clothing Dispute

MOBILE, Ala.--A police officer who refused to wear trousers on the job because she felt the requirement violated her religious beliefs has been fired, her lawyers said.

Lark Huber, a member of the Church of God in Jesus Christ, was fired by the Mobile County Sheriff's Department for insisting on wearing a skirt, which her superiors said posed a safety hazard on the job.

But Huber said wearing pants violated her religious belief that she should not resemble a man. She has appealed her dismissal.

Confusion in Cleveland Schools

CLEVELAND--Public schools opened in a state of confusion a day after a federal judge blocked a voucher program that lets Cleveland students attend private or religious schools at taxpayer expense.

Nervous parents tied up telephone lines as private school officials said they would continue to accept voucher students pending an appeal.

Public schools told parents of voucher students to wait before enrolling their children in the 77,000-student system.


* ATLANTIC CITY--A German tourist jumped to his death off a 10-story casino parking garage in the third such suicide in Atlantic City in eight days. It was unclear if the man, whose name was not immediately released, had been gambling. On Aug. 17, a gambler who had lost $87,000 jumped to his death off a Trump Plaza roof. On Monday, a dealer at Caesars Atlantic City Hotel Casino committed suicide by leaping from the casino's parking garage.

* IDABEL, Okla.--A bus carrying 21 children to school collided with a logging truck, killing a 13-year-old boy and injuring 19 others. The bus, driven by school Superintendent Wes Watson, pulled into the path of the truck while picking up youngsters to take them to Forest Grove School, police said. Watson was among the injured, and Johnny Valdez was killed.

* EAGLE, Colo.--A search team scoured a rugged mountainside looking for a bomb from the suicide crash of an A-10 Air Force warplane two years ago but came up empty. Capt. Craig Button's attack jet was carrying four 500-pound bombs from a base in Tucson when he broke formation with two other planes on April 2, 1997 and flew into a mountain. A hiker had spotted an object with a protruding tail fin, but it was not a bomb.

* ELWOOD, Ill.--An Amtrak train headed from St. Louis to Chicago collided with a truck, killing two men who were thrown from the truck, officials said. No one aboard the train was hurt in the accident at a private gravel crossing about 40 miles south of Chicago. The crossing had a stop sign but no flashing lights or gates, police said.