A former financial analyst was sentenced to death this week after testifying that road rage led him to shoot and kill two truck drivers and injure a third man he suspected of being a truck driver.

Douglas Alan Feldman confessed in testimony and in letters to opening fire on the drivers, Robert Stephen Everett and Nicolas A. Velasquez, in August 1998.

Jurors deliberated less than 90 minutes Tuesday before sentencing Feldman, 41, to lethal injection.

Everett, 36, was killed on U.S. 75 north of Dallas. Feldman, who was riding a motorcycle, had contended that Everett almost ran him over. Velasquez, 62, was fatally shot 40 minutes later at a Dallas gasoline station.

"I will tell you this: I found it quite pleasurable to kill those two men!" Feldman wrote a former girlfriend in December 1998, two months after his arrest.

"If you are an angry person and someone provokes you to violence . . . it feels wonderful to cause their death and to watch their pain," Feldman said. The letter was read in court by a prosecutor.

Feldman's attorney, Jim Oatman, offered records from an inpatient psychiatric center showing that his client was treated for substance abuse and paranoia in 1993, but no mental health experts testified on Feldman's behalf.

Nothing the defense presented could withstand the evidence or Feldman's lack of remorse, jury foreman Steve Joachims said.

Feldman also admitted shooting a third person, Antonio Vega, in September 1998 because he thought he was a truck driver. Vega survived.