Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani ended his jury service today by joining in a vote to award nothing to a man who claimed he was scalded in the shower.

Giuliani said fellow jurors gave him no special treatment and that his presence had no improper influence on the case. The jurors deliberated less than one hour.

Giuliani, the foreman during the four-day civil trial, replied "No" when asked whether a landlord had been negligent. A tenant had sued for $7 million, claiming he was scalded while taking a shower.

"They didn't treat me like the mayor," he said, chuckling at the suggestion that he swayed the jurors. "Since I was the foreperson, it seemed to me that the best thing was to let the other jurors express themselves first, and they did," said Giuliani.

Giuliani praised Justice Elliott Wilk, whom he has criticized for past rulings. "I think the judge conducted the trial perfectly," Giuliani said. "He was very fair and very clear in his instructions."

The tenant, Oliver Johnson, 45, and his wife, Lauren, 46, offered little comment.

[Reuters reported that Johnson, who had to testify about the scalding of his private parts in a trial that received unexpected media coverage because of Giuliani's presence, said: "It's been enough of an embarrassing situation already."]

Juror Caleb Silver, 28, said he found Giuliani "very personable."