Credit rating not what it could be? Need a little start-up money for your business or favorite cause? Looking for a little help getting that dream home?

Not to worry. Democratic fund-raiser extraordinaire Terry McAuliffe may be there for you! After all, McAuliffe, an exceptionally generous type, just came through for his pals, Bill and Hillary Clinton, guaranteeing the purchase of their $1.7 million home in Westchester.

Or perhaps if he won't help just anyone, maybe he can come through for some other important politician? Yes, it's the First Annual Loop Help Me Terry Contest! Send in your suggestion as to what other worthy and needy politician, Republican or Democrat, McAuliffe might be able to help with a couple million bucks. Or maybe he could dig deep for a worthy cause or political action committee.

The top 10 winners will receive--no, not those old T-shirts--but exceptionally fine, In the Loop coffee mugs, blue with white lettering. These are certain to be invaluable collector's items! Perfect for taking to White House coffees.

Send your suggestion, one per entrant, to In the Loop, The Washington Post, 1150 15th Street N.W., Washington, D.C. 20071, or e-mail to PLEASE include address and home and work telephone numbers. Good luck. Deadline is midnight, Sept. 22.

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Eminent expert Jonathan Turley, on Fox Television last week, opined on relations between Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis J. Freeh and on Reno's sending U.S. marshals to pick up FBI material on Waco. "For the FBI to be subject to this type of search is more than just a slap in the face," Turley said, "it's a shot across the bow."

And here we thought it was a wake-up call or perhaps a line in the sand.

WhiteHouse: Not for Sale

For years the White House has been upset by Dan Parisi's Internet address: The administration's pique is easy to understand. Parisi's site, based in Jersey City, N.J., peddles pornography and had superimposed the images of the Clintons on various cavorting models.

The administration and other folks--including foreign political reporters--have long complained that unsuspecting visitors and children would inadvertently hit Parisi's site when looking for, the official site. Russian reporters were particularly incensed, demanding an explanation from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow of how this could be permitted.

Parisi dropped the Clintons' images, but he's not giving up the site, he told the Associated Press, because it records as many as a half-million hits monthly.

Now the National Fruit Product Co. in Winchester has weighed in, the wire service reported, saying it has used the White House label for its apple products since 1913--the Web site is at demanding Parisi give up his site.

No way he'd even sell it. "Why should we sell this?" he said. "We're having a very good business right now" with "one of the largest and most famous Web sites in the world."

Bennett's Last Trip

Vice presidential moves . . . Matthew Bennett, trip director for Vice President Gore, has moved over to the White House intergovernmental affairs office, replacing Bill White, who went to the Kennedy School's Institute of Politics at Harvard. Bennett, whose wife is pregnant with their first, was looking for work a bit closer to home. He also ended up the object of rampant office envy, landing the huge space, complete with balcony and couches, that had been Fred DuVal's.

Replacing Bennett as Gore's trip director is David Morehouse, who just left the Kennedy School of Government and before that was a lead advance person for President Clinton for several years.

When Kevin Met Wendy

Speaking of trip directors, Wendy Smith, formerly in that job for Clinton, is living at the beach in Los Angeles doing public relations and communications projects. She's said to be enjoying life in La-La land.

She also has been seen with actor Kevin Costner and they are said to be "definitely friends," according to one source. Premature to say they're dating, we're told, though they've been out on a date. Since she's so much smarter and better looking, unclear this will go anywhere.

Is There Life After Daschle?

Amongst the Senate Democrats, the well-respected Laura Petrou, deputy chief of staff to Senate Democratic leader Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.), who worked for him for some 14 years, has decided to call it quits. She's leaving this month to take some time off, travel and ponder future moves.

Taking her place is Caroline Fredrickson, now special assistant to Clinton for legislative affairs. There's a reverse revolving door here: Fredrickson, a former Washington labor lawyer, was a legislative assistant in Daschle's office before going to the White House.

Also, Robin Schepper, formerly at Greer, Margolis, Mitchell, Burns & Associates, is settling in as staff director of the Senate Democratic Technology and Communications Committee, replacing Laura Quinn, who went to Gore's office and is expected to be leaving this fall to join the Gore presidential campaign.